Have a trademark that needs registering? The Law Office of Xavier Morales can help you move it through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as quickly as possible so you can open your doors for fully protected business. Learn more about my trademark filing process below.

The Trademark Filing Process

The applicant (you) provides me with some basic information about your trademark, including the name, any related logos or graphics, information about first use (if any), and the goods or services you’re providing with the trademark.

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With this basic information, I can commence the trademark filing process. With a complete trademark search and filing, you receive the following perks (and many more):

  • A full search of Federal, State, and Common Law trademarks. This comprehensive trademark search ensures that your trademark isn’t just available through one of the three databases, but is available in all three – an essential step in the trademark filing process.
  • Additionally, I will give you a professional legal opinion about the search results. If there are any gray areas surrounding the viability of your trademark or application, I will address them in this letter, which you can keep on file for your records.
  • Clients also are entitled to phone consultation, which are always free. There are no limits on the number of phone consultations you can use. I want to make sure that you are comfortable with and fully informed about the process.
  • During the trademark filing process, your application will go through several stages. I will relay the progress, approval, and issues (if any) with your trademark filing through regular reports.
  • Unfortunately, some trademark filings will run up against issues at the USPTO. Should this be the case with your application, I will respond to non-substantive Office Actions immediately to get your trademark application back on track.
  • Lastly, when the process is complete, your trademark registration certificate will be mailed to you for your permanent records.

After the Trademark Filing Process

Once your trademark filing process (and subsequently approved application!) has come to an end, it isn’t all over. Though your trademark is registered, it is important that you remain vigilant in protecting it. For a single annual fee, I perform monthly federal searches that help you maintain your trademark. Should there be any new, related trademarks in the federal databases that could potentially damage the value of your trademark, you’ll know within a month. Furthermore, I can remind you when it is time to renew your trademark or perform any other related maintenance tasks.

More Questions About the Trademark Filing Process?

If so, send me a message today to find out more. Whether you need a quote for a particular trademark-related service or have a question about filing your trademark, I’m happy to help. Learn more about the trademark filing process today!

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