Searching your Trademark

Avoid infringement with a comprehensive search of your trademark to see if it has already been taken.

Once a new trademark or business name has been selected, it is critical to submit the proposed trademark or business name for a clearance search so that you may protect yourself from lawsuits from other companies claiming trademark infringement. A clearance search will also determine whether the proposed trademark or business name is available for registration.

The Comprehensive Trademark Search includes:

  • Comprehensive federal trademark database search
  • Comprehensive state trademark database search
  • Common law database search
  • Internet database search
  • Search report and opinion prepared by an attorney
  • Results of the Comprehensive Trademark Search are available in five (5) business days.

I check not only exact matches to your proposed business name, but also variations of spelling and other factors that can affect the mark. Remember, the determining factor in trademark registration is likelihood of confusion. Might consumers confuse this mark with an existing one?

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