Trademark Information

The Crucial Reason To File Trademarks Separately

Each trademark you file incurs a separate application fee. For example, if you wish to trademark your business name, your logo, and a product name, you will pay the application fee three times. Additionally, you might be subject to greater legal fees if you’ve chosen to work with an attorney on top of the filing fee with … [Read More]

How To Obtain Trademark Rights

A business can obtain trademark rights in two primary ways. 1. By applying for a federal trademark registration. 2. By establishing a common law trademark, through use in commerce. The second method might seem easier and cheaper, but it doesn’t provide the business with the many benefits of federal trademark registration. The trademark application process … [Read More]

Ten Hot Issues in Trademark Law

The integrity of law relies on the continued resolution of new challenges, and the present landscape of trademark law offers plenty of that. As the legal facility changes, new channels of commerce and an increasingly global economy will continue to push its evolution and adaptation into fascinating new arenas. Here are ten hot topics keeping … [Read More]

Trademark Research To Conduct Before Filing Your Application

Would you submit a job application without first researching the company? In the same way, you shouldn’t file a trademark application without first researching the process. Understanding the steps involved will make the process much smoother, giving you an easier, and cheaper, path to a federally registered trademark. Why should you conduct trademark research? The United States … [Read More]

How To Develop Your Trademark Protection and Enforcement Plan

Once your trademark is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), it is vitally important to take action against any potentially infringing uses of your trademarks. Early detection of potential trademark infringement is critical because the failure to properly defend your trademark against trademark infringers could diminish the strength of your trademark, … [Read More]

Small Business Owners: Why You Need a Trademark Attorney

As mentioned in one of our recent blog posts, many small business owners fail to take the time to determine whether the name they have chosen for their product or business is actually available for them to legally use. If you’re a small business owner and you want to eliminate the chance of having to … [Read More]

7 Things You Need To Know About Protecting Your Trademark

If you aren’t careful about your trademark, it can cost you, both literally in the wallet, and mentally in stress and time. There are several things you need to know about when it comes to protecting your company’s valuable name and/or logo. If you’re thinking about going through the trademark registration process in the near … [Read More]

Legal Ways People Can Steal Your Intellectual Property

Granted, the title above is oxymoronic (just to be clear, stealing is illegal), but it does point to an important truth. Even after your trademark application has been approved, people can challenge and steal your intellectual property, using legal means. The reasons this is possible is that approved trademarks do not come with absolute ownership. … [Read More]

How to Protect Your Registered Trademark

When you register a trademark, you gain legal protection. Without a registered trademark, competitors and other evildoers could use your name, logo, slogan, and other identifying marks for their own gains. But once you receive your registration from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the law protects you. While your registered trademark protects you, … [Read More]

6 Things You Must Know About Conducting a Trademark Search

Registering a trademark takes time. If all goes well, you could have the entire process done within 10-12 months. But if you make mistakes during the application phase, it could take longer than a year to complete. This is why the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) encourages applicants to work with trademark attorneys. … [Read More]

Trademark Classes: The Ultimate Guide

When filing a trademark application, the Trademark Office will require that you choose at least one international trademark class to identify the types of products or services that you plan to provide under your mark.  This article will provide a comprehensive list of the 45 different international trademark classes available to you, with a brief … [Read More]

The Trademark Symbols and What They Mean

You probably see the three major trademark symbols everywhere, but do you know what they mean? The ®, ™, and ℠ symbols might seem familiar, but each mark has a different use and affords different legal protections. You might also want to know which mark you can currently use for your business. Use of these … [Read More]