Trademark Knowledge

Trademark Trials and Appeals

Creating a unique name, logo or slogan for your product or service business comes with the responsibility to trademark the name, logo or slogan to ensure that another company or person does not use the idea for their own financial gain. The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) is tasked with hearing appeals of trademark … [Read More]

What Mobile App Developers Need to Know About App Trademarks

It’s been a long, hard slog, but after weeks of all-nighters, countless cups of java, and a brilliant idea or two, your mobile app is finally ready for deployment. However, before you gather up your final build and submit to your distribution platform, there is one other thing you need to consider—app trademarks for your new software … [Read More]

Trademark Registration: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Protecting intellectual property and trademark registration is a major concern for entrepreneurs. Competition is stiff in nearly any market, and it takes only a few smart moves for slick competitors to steal a good idea and establish it as their own. Trademarks are one way for entrepreneurs to distinguish their products and establish a loyal … [Read More]

How To Establish a Trademark: Common Law Trademark Rights

If you run a business but haven’t gotten around to filing a federal trademark application, you may not have to worry about someone stealing your mark. Even if you never file that application, you may still have trademark rights. A cross-town competitor likely can’t just start using your mark without consequence. (A cross-country competitor might, … [Read More]

The Trademark Application Process

Completing the trademark application might seem like an end. You’ve performed research and have settled on a strong mark that will serve your business and its customers. Perhaps you’ve even consulted with a trademark attorney to ensure the strength of your application. In reality, the application commences a months-long process that could include various obstacles … [Read More]

Before You File A Trademark

The trademark registration process might involve many steps, but it need not be complicated. If you take the proper steps before submitting your application, you will greatly increase your chances for approval on the first attempt. Since the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) does not issue refunds for rejected applications, first-time approval becomes … [Read More]

What is a Trademark?

The question people most frequently ask about trademarks is, naturally: “what is a trademark?” Business owners in particular should understand what a trademark covers. They’re the ones who can benefit most from trademark protection. We can broadly define trademark with a simple sentence, but the concept of trademark goes much deeper. Business owners are best … [Read More]