Will I Forfeit My Trademark If I Don’t Police Infringement?

With all the time and money that you’ve invested in establishing and registering your trademark, imagine how devastating it would be to have a competitor use your mark with the law’s blessing. If you fail to adequately police infringement, that is exactly what could happen. Registering your mark is a necessary (but not wholly sufficient) … [Read More]

Think Beyond the Logo: How Trademarks Protect Brand Identity

Think of all you’ve invested in building your brand identity. You’ve carefully crafted a brand identity that appeals to customers and sets you apart from competitors. You have poured money and time into delivering superlative products or services that cement your reputation for quality. You have also probably thought long and hard about selecting the … [Read More]

Trademark Disputes: The Duke Bourbon Controversy

A boy, a dog, and a nickname: that’s how the trademark dispute between Duke University and the estate of iconic actor John Wayne began. When Marion Morrison was a child in the early 1900s, his family owned an 80-pound Airedale Terrier named Big Duke. Young Marion disliked his own given name but reveled in the nickname … [Read More]

6 Steps to Trademark a Clothing Name, Logo or Slogan

Having issues getting your logo trademark? If you’re developing a clothing line, you probably have a distinctive name, logo or slogan that you will want on your apparel. Trademarking your name, logo or slogan will prevent others from infringing on your rights. Though the process can seem daunting, it’s probably much easier than you think. … [Read More]

8 Tips to Monetize (and Protect) Your Intellectual Property

Until recently, companies primarily used intellectual property (IP)—-trademarks, copyright, patents, and other types of intangible assets protected by law—-defensively and followed the traditional sequence of inventing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling an invention. Also known as the “transactional approach,” this model characterized IP as a bargain: businesses conceded the public’s eventual unencumbered right to produce … [Read More]

Trademark Registration: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Protecting intellectual property and trademark registration is a major concern for entrepreneurs. Competition is stiff in nearly any market, and it takes only a few smart moves for slick competitors to steal a good idea and establish it as their own. Trademarks are one way for entrepreneurs to distinguish their products and establish a loyal … [Read More]