While board games do not qualify for trademarks in and of themselves, you can trademark the name, logo, or slogan that you use to identify and sell your board game. For example, “MONOPOLY” is a registered trademark for a line of board games. Any of the names, words, or phrases that you use to distinguish your board game can be protected with trademarks. These trademarks will not prevent the names and slogans from being used in everyday speech, but it will prevent market competitors from using your name or logo to market their products.

If you trademark your board game’s name or slogan, it will not prevent another company from producing a similar game, as trademarks do not cover the specifics of a product. The trademarks that you register will only protect the names, logos or slogans that you use to market or sell your products. There are additional legal protections that you can apply for if you wish to protect the layout of your game board, or the mechanics of the game, but trademarks only cover the name, logo or slogan that you associate with the board game itself.

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