Trademark Protection

Once you've registered your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you must protect your trademark from infringement and abuses by other entities. Trademark protection is a crucial part of the process.

Though the attorneys at USPTO are known for being diligent about not allowing similar trademarks to be registered, some questionable trademarks are bound to slip through the cracks. If a trademark that bears a striking resemblance to your trademark is registered, then you will want to know about it as soon as possible.

Why Trademark Protection is Critical

The bottom line is this: when your trademark fails you, your entire business is jeopardized. Trademark protection is essential for any business – especially one that brings in a substantial portion of its revenue because of a trademarked name or logo. Though it may not seem like that's you right now, every Nike and Chanel started somewhere, so it's best to protect yourself early on in the process before you become a big name and people start trying to cause problems for you.

However you choose to protect your trademark – whether you do it yourself or hire a trademark attorney, make sure you know when your trademark needs maintenance and updates. Also, it is critical to perform routine searches in the federal trademark database so that you are aware of any potential infringement or questionable trademarks before they become serious issues.

To ensure your brand's safety and secure your exclusive rights, either you or a trademark attorney will need to manage trademark applications, adhere to trademark law, and utilize trademark monitoring to safeguard your assets.

Trademark owners should be aware that trademarks are not just about logos and names but also about marks, phrases, and domains that distinguish your brand's goods and services in commerce. With the rise of online trademark registration services, securing your registered trademark through a proficient trademark lawyer ensures that your mark in commerce and service marks are protected under federal law, giving you a significant advantage.

How to Protect Your Trademark

Trademarks are on file in three different types of databases: federal, state, and common law. If you filed your trademark using the services of our law office, then you can be confident that all three relevant databases were thoroughly searched before your application and subsequent filing were approved. Additionally, I will have sent you a letter stating my professional opinion of the long-term viability and security of your trademark.

If you registered your trademark on your own or through any other legal attorney, however, then you may not have the same confidence in your trademark's originality and security. A comprehensive trademark search into the sustainability of your trademark, as well as ongoing monitoring and review, is critical for protecting your intellectual property. Trying to do this alone without any legal advice or attorney assistance may seem like a way to same money in the short term, but it can leave you without the trademark rights you need to protect your business.

My Trademark Monitoring Service includes:

  • Regular searches for confusingly similar trademarks in the U.S.
  • Patent and Trademark Office database
  • Monitoring of your trademark registration renewal and maintenance dates
  • Reports sent via e-mail on a regular basis

To learn more about my trademark protection services, send me a message today. I will be happy to speak with you in more detail about the above-mentioned issues as well as other ways you can protect your trademark. Protecting your trademark is not just a legal formality; it's safeguarding the assets and intellectual property that give your business its unique identity and competitive edge. Don't delay; get in touch before there’s an issue with your trademark!

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