Trademark Watch

We keep an eye on several famous personalities and businesses to see what they’ve trademarked, both recently and historically.

Kim Kardashian West Trademarks

Embed from Getty ImagesKim Kardashian West, the socialite/model/business owner/reality TV star who is now worth an estimated $370M dollars, exploded into pop culture in 2007 and has dominated headlines ever since. Describing what she does can be difficult – from her Wikipedia page: Kimberly Noel Kardashian West Kardashian (born October 21, 1980) is an American … [Read More]

Google Inc Trademarks

Google Trademarks

From their Wikipedia page: Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University, in California. Together, they own about … [Read More]

Donald Trump trademarks.

Donald Trump Trademarks

From his Wikipedia page: Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current President of the United States, in office since January 20, 2017. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality. Trump was born in the New York City borough of Queens. He earned an economics degree from the … [Read More]

Talor Swift Trademarks

Taylor Swift Trademarks

Taylor Swift exploded into national attention when her debut country music album reached the top 5 on the Billboard list in 2006. She has released six albums in total, beginning as country music before transitioning to a pop icon. Her albums are: Taylor Swift (2006) Fearless (2008) Speak Now (2010) Red (2012) 1989 (2014) Reputation … [Read More]