Updated: 8/16/2017

It is certainly possible to trademark the name of a club. Clubs can be protected under trademark law, and any materials that identify your club to the public can be trademarked. For example, “IMPERIALS CAR CLUB” is a registered trademark. You may also trademark any logos or slogans associated with the club. Building a name and reputation for your club can be a lengthy process, and a process that is more difficult if you do not possess control of the associated name and slogan. Let’s look at some examples of trademarked club names.

Trademarked Car Clubs

One of the common types of clubs that end up registering trademarks is car clubs. These often cover things like t-shirts and bandanas, allowing the club to create clothes or accessories to raise money without worry of someone else copying their name or design.

Timeless Bombs

Timeless Bombs is a car club in Chandler, Arizona that we had the pleasure of working with during their trademark registration. On their Facebook page, they describe their club as:

Timeless is a car club put together by a group of friends with cars ranging from 1954 and under that share the same interest in cars and music.

Their trademark covers use in…

Club services, namely, promoting the interests of car enthusiasts; Club services, namely, promoting the interests of car enthusiasts through participation in special events, weddings, quinceañeras, parades and car shows; Club services, namely, promoting the interests of car enthusiasts and members of a car club who arrange and organize car shows and community events; Organizing chapters of a car club and promoting the interests of the members thereof; Organizing exhibitions for cars, in the nature of car shows

So. Cal Tribe Car Club

Another example of a car club trademark is the logo for So. Cal Tribe Car Club from Whittier, California. Their mark is described as…

The mark consists of the phrase “TRIBE” in upper case bold letters, with a horizontal line above and below it. The top line is preceded by the phrase “SO. CAL” in standard character font, aligned with the edge of the word “TRIBE” and the bottom line is followed by the phrase “CAR CLUB” in upper case letters.

The logo is used on t-shirts, and also as a watermark on images from their various events and car shows.

Getting Help Trademarking Your Club Name

You should consider trademarking your club’s name, particularly if you intend to perform any charitable actions, as without a trademark you may not be able to restrict the use of the club’s name by your competitors. If you do not possess legal control over the name of your club, the possibility of imitation and abuse exists. An important first step in trademarking your club’s name will be ensuring that there are no existing trademarks registered for your desired name, and it’s critical to have a trademark search performed as soon as possible. We’re happy to assist in this process, and help make it as smooth as possible. Check out the video below to see an overview of the process.


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