Yes, you can trademark an odor.

You can trademark an odor or scent if it is not a functional aspect of the product. For example, a trademark for plumeria scent for sewing thread was registered in 1990. This scent can be protected as it is considered to be a distinguishing mark that identifies the producer of the product, which is to say that it functions as a branding aspect of the product.

However, “functional” scents that are inherent in the product itself, such as smell for perfume, are not accepted for registration. Anything that is considered to be a functional aspect of a product is not subject to the protection of a trademark. The functional aspects of a product can be patented, provided that they are distinct and unique enough. If you wish to create a trademark for a fragrance then it is possible to create a slogan that describes and encapsulates the scent and trademark the slogan.

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