Yes, you can trademark your initials.

You can trademark your initials so long as you are utilizing them to distinguish your goods and services from another company or individual’s products. Initials served as some of the earliest maker’s marks and survive to this day as a common trademark. Early smiths would mark their goods with their initials to identify the manufacturer of an object. These marks would also serve as a personal seal of approval for the quality of the goods.

By trademarking your initials, you will prevent a competitor from using the same initials to identify the originator of goods and services. This protection will only cover your particular industry and will not prevent someone from using their own initials to mark a different product. For example, the stylized “LV” is a trademark of Louis Vuitton. That trademark would not prevent a similarly initialed silversmith from using “LV” to mark their products, however, the initials could not be similarly stylized.

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