Can I Trademark the Name of a Programming Language?

No, you cannot trademark the name of a programming language, as it does not qualify as either a product or a service.

This information was provided by our founding attorney, Xavier Morales, Esq. 

You can only register a trademark for the branding aspects associated with products or services, such as the name, slogan, or logo for a company or line of products. Trademarks denote a singular ownership of the rights to a specific name, and programming languages are not considered to be owned by a singular entity.

If you create a computer program using a specific programming language, you will be able to trademark the computer program’s name and logo. The trademark would protect the name or logo of the program built with a programming language, but not the language that is utilized. For example, although “PYTHON” is a registered trademark, that trademark is for “computer programs and downloadable computer programs that implement an object-oriented computer programming language.”

A programming language is difficult to protect. We advise that you consult with our associates so that we may provide guidance that is more pertinent to your needs.

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