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A licensed trademark lawyer and a graduate of Harvard Law School, Xavier Morales has substantial experience in representing his clients in all aspects of trademark law. Morales was named as the number one attorney in 2010 by Trademark Insider for filing the most trademark applications of any lawyer during that year. He routinely appears before the United States Patent and Trademark Office to help his clients with all of their trademark-related issues. Morales prosecutes trademarks for his clients before the USPTO and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. He additionally helps his clients with domain name and copyright issues. Morales is admitted to practice law in Texas, New York and California, but he is able to assist his clients from across the nation with their trademark disputes and applications.

Boston Businesses We’ve Helped

We’ve helped numerous businesses in Boston protect their brand names and other marks. Here are a few examples of companies we’ve worked with:

iPayMyWay, Inc.

iPayMyWay, Inc. was created to provide solutions for a “Less-Cash Society.” One out of every eight adults in the US never or rarely carries cash. Virtually everyone finds themselves in situations where they need cash but do not have it on hand.

Our flagship product is called $hare: the “Mobile Way to do the Right Thing.” $hare lets you make donations on the go using your Smartphone.

Alert Solutions

Alert Solutions provides dynamic cloud-based multi-channel messaging technology and communication solutions for customers in education (K-12 and Higher-Ed), healthcare and property management, leveraging its robust platform of email, voice broadcasting, fax and SMS text messaging.

With more than 20 years of experience, the company continually expands its technology to provide effective and easy-to-implement communication solutions for organizations across all industries. Alert Solutions’ powerful API web services integrate into any existing software or web-based platform.

Kappa Delta Phi

Kappa Delta Phi, founded in 1900 at Bridgewater State College by Nahum Leonard has moved forward to encompass 30 other campuses. Since the founding of Kappa Delta Phi, it has sought to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and to seek truths in our professions. We have fulfilled that goal with great success. Our Brothers are leaders in their professions and are located throughout the world. Our active brothers have been admitted into a large family with old traditions and our alumnus have been weathered by wars and the hardships of the world to offer all brothers a better view of the world in which we live. Once a Kappa man Always a Kappa man. We wear our badges with honor. We enjoy the privileges and benefits of Kappa Delta Phi for life. We are blessed with the knowledge that there is always a home to come back to and a large family they can depend on.

Common FAQs from Boston Business Owners

1. What is a trademark?

A trademark is a name, device, word or symbol that you use to differentiate your goods from those of others in trade. Your trademark designates what the source of your products is, but it does not prevent other individuals or businesses from selling goods that are similar to yours. Registering your trademark can prevent other individuals and businesses from using a similar mark to yours on their products. If your trademark will be used to offer your goods in interstate commerce, you can obtain national protection of it by registering it with the USPTO.

2. How much will it cost to file a trademark application?

When you file your application with the USPTO, it will charge you a filing fee of $350 for every category of services or goods that are included in your application. The costs of researching and preparing your application by your attorney will be additional. The trademark registration services that we offer do not include any costs that are associated with substantive challenges to your mark by the USPTO or objections by third parties. The Law Office of Xavier Morales can be retained in certain cases for low, flat-rate fees.

3. How long does getting a trademark take?

Because of office actions and other delays that can happen in the process, the average time it takes to register a trademark is approximately 13 to 18 months. If your application is mistake-free and clean, however, it is possible for you to receive your trademark in as little as nine months. Once you pay your filing fee and submit your application, it will take the USPTO about four months to process it. An examining attorney will be assigned to review your application. If he or she does not find any issues with it, your trademark will be moved to its publication phase. Third parties will then be given the opportunity to object to your application. If there aren’t any objections, then you may have your registration completed in less than a year.

Working with a Trademark Attorney

There is not a requirement to use the services of a trademark attorney to file a trademark application. However, the application is complex. If you make errors on it, you risk it being rejected. If your application is denied, you will not receive a refund of your filing fee from the government and will be forced to start the process over. Businesses who work with trademark attorneys are 50 percent likelier to succeed with their trademark applications, which leads many to retain experienced trademark attorneys.

Your trademark lawyer can help you by researching your trademark in order to make certain that there isn’t already a similar mark that is registered with the USPTO. Your attorney will also make certain that your trademark adheres to the guidelines of the USPTO. He or she can help you to complete your application and will work to make certain that it does not contain errors. If there are any office actions or third-party objections, your attorney can defend your trademark for you before the USPTO or the TTAB. To learn more about how we can help you, contact the Law Office of Xavier Morales today.

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