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A licensed trademark lawyer, Xavier Morales assists individuals and businesses across the U.S. with securing their trademarks and protecting their rights. Morales graduated from Harvard Law School, where he served as the editor-in-chief of the Hispanic Law Review. He has helped thousands of his clients with securing trademarks during his career. In 2010, he was named by Trademark Insider as the top trademark attorney in terms of the number of trademarks that he filed in that year. He is admitted to practice law in Texas, New York and California, but he is able to help his clients who have trademark issues anywhere in the U.S. Morales researches and evaluates trademarks, prepares and submits applications, prosecutes trademarks before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and appears before the Trial and Trademark Board.

Las Vegas Businesses We’ve Helped

We’ve helped numerous businesses in Las Vegas protect their brand names and other marks. Here are a few examples of companies we’ve worked with:

Select Mix

Now in our 14th year, Select Mix® is a leading DJ remix company, providing today’s working disc jockey with more variety, and more useful remixes than anyone else. We work closely with our customers to learn their needs, and present DJ remixes you can use in a variety of settings. Our remixes can be heard on popular radio stations, and in night clubs u0026amp; event halls all around the world. Our catalog represents solid remixes from the best artists across nearly all genres of popular music. From the famed Select Essentials® series, to our popular Old School and Rewind series, we have what you want! Get the best remixes, the very best sound, and the most packed dance floors with remixes from Select Mix®

Suvi Naturals

Crafted using hand-selected natural ingredients and backed by extensive quality control, SUVI NATURALS offers a premier line of skincare products that you won’t find anywhere else. Designed to work with your skin type, complexion, age and even existing damage, you can finally combat the signs of aging and get the healthy, gorgeous skin you’ve always dreamed about. When you need someone to care about your skin as much as you do, choose SUVI NATURALS and get the best natural skincare products today.

Carpet Monkeys

Carpet Monkeys go beyond carpeting to help keep your home clean. When you need tile cleaning services, air duct cleaning and upholstery cleaning services, and pet urine removal we’re ready to get to work. Whether you have discolored grout or dust-covered vents, we have the ability to get your home or office cleaned up.

Lykins Apparel

Lykins is distributor of uniform apparel. They are a licensed and registered Minority Owned Business in the state of Nevada.

Las Vegas Stainless u0026amp; Copper Works

Las Vegas Stainless u0026amp; Copper Works is a small family owned business committed to providing affordable high quality AMERICAN MADE brewing and distilling equipment for the craft brewing and distilling markets. We manufacture all of our own process vessels, platforms, piping arrangements and control systems at our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Common FAQs from Las Vegas Businesses

1. How long does it take to get a trademark registered?

It is possible to secure a trademark registration in under one year, but it is not common. Most trademark processes last from 13 to 18 months because of delays and office actions. If your application has no issues, the USPTO may finish reviewing it in about four to six months. If the attorney assigned to examine your application does not identify any problems, your trademark may then be moved to its publication phase. Your trademark registration may happen by about nine months after you submit your application if there are no third-party objections or office actions filed against it. Check out our full article on How Long Does it Take to get a Trademark Registered. 

2. How long will a trademark last, and how is it renewed?

After you receive your initial trademark registration, it will last for six years from the date of its approval. When your fifth-year anniversary passes, you must file a section 8 form with the USPTO to notify it that you are still using your trademark. When you reach your nine-year anniversary, you will need to submit a section 8 and 9 form with the USPTO. Subsequently, new section 8 and 9 forms must be filed every 10 years to continue your registration. As long as you keep your paperwork updated and continue to use your trademark in conjunction with your goods, it will last indefinitely.

3. How much does getting a trademark cost?

You will be charged a filing fee of $350 per group of products for your trademark. The preparation and research costs for the help of your trademark lawyer will be additional. Your attorney’s preparation and research fees do not include the cost of defending your trademark. In some cases, the Law Office of Xavier Morales may offer flat-fee rates for filing trademark applications.

Working with a Trademark Attorney

You are not required to retain a lawyer to submit an application to register your trademark. The USPTO has the application available on its website. However, getting help from a trademark attorney may greatly increase the chances of success. People who get help with their trademark applications are 50 times more likely to be approved than are people who try to do it on their own.

Your trademark attorney can also research your proposed trademark to make sure that it is not similar to another one that is already in use and that it adheres to the legal requirements. Once you and your attorney determine that your trademark is okay, your lawyer may then help you to complete your trademark application. The application is very complex. If you make mistakes when you are completing it, it will be denied. The USPTO does not refund filing fees when applications are rejected. Getting a trademark attorney’s help may enhance your chances of success.

Many businesses are vigilant about protecting their trademarks. They may object to trademarks for very minute reasons. When you have an experienced trademark lawyer, he or she may understand how to deal with objections and office actions. Once you have secured your trademark, your attorney may then work to prevent others from using it or something similar. Call the Law Office of Xavier Morales today to schedule your consultation.

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