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A licensed trademark attorney and a graduate of the Harvard Law School, Xavier Morales has filed more than 6,000 trademark applications on behalf of his clients. Morales was named as the number one trademark attorney for the number of trademark applications submitted by Trademark Insider in 2010. He is licensed in New York, California and Texas, Morales also is able to represent trademark clients throughout the U.S. He has substantial experience prosecuting trademarks before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and representing his clients before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Morales helps clients with researching and evaluating their marks as well as submitting their trademark applications.

New York Businesses We’ve Helped

We’ve helped numerous businesses in New York protect their brand names and other marks. Here are a few examples of companies we’ve worked with:

New York Dermatology Group

New York Dermatology Group in Manhattan is a unique practice incorporating state-of-the-art dermatology with other key medical disciplines in a platform that offers patients the most advanced skin and general health care anywhere. Headed by leading dermatologist David Colbert, M.D., the team of physicians and specialists include board certified dermatologists, doctors of internal medicine, a plastic surgeon, a nutritionist, a doctor of acupuncture and skilled laser technicians.

Savvy Auntie is the first and only community for Aunts: Aunties by Relation (ABR), Aunties by Choice (ABC), Great-Aunts, Godmothers, and all women who love kids. enables and empowers Aunts to exchange ideas, get advice, find gifts and connect with other Savvy Aunties. The first to offer Forums, Groups, Blogs, an Auntiepedia and other social tools designed uniquely for Aunties, gives Aunts a unique and modern approach to learn, connect, share and celebrate Aunt-hood.

Tacuba Cantina Mexicana

TACUBA is the vision of Chef Julian Medina, Louis Skibar and Brian Sobhan. This boutique restaurant company specializes in offering patrons traditional Latin fare with a gourmet hand, while being surrounded by authentic cultural decor and ambiance. The cuisine ranges from Mexican and Cuban to diverse Pan Latin, with menus offering innovative favor pairings, staple traditional dishes and fresh ingredient cocktails. Fresh is definitely the key word with all Chef Julian creations.

Clinton Hall NY

Clinton Hall introduces a unique, eclectic and exciting craft ale adventure, otherwise known as SUPERCRAFT™. Featuring 20 draught beers and ciders on rotation, ranging from keg-conditioned lagers harking from the US, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia and beyond, ten select SUPERCRAFT™ beers are served precisely to each Brew Masters specs, thanks to an on-site Flux Capacitor™, the most advanced beer technology in the market that calibrates nitrogen and carbon dioxide and adjusts compression of each individual beer. By controlling the exact gas blend for each beer recipe through this system, every single beer offered at Clinton Hall is served at its scientifically engineered best.


Jack + Mulligan was born in New York City with the simple premise that a product should be made with a sense of permanence, gaining beauty and character with the passing of time. We strive to offer the highest quality goods imaginable for the best possible value. Our goal is to make products that forge an emotional connection with their owner. Our bags are made with passion, but truly come to life with use.

Manhattan Lasik Center

To improve one’s eyesight with the goal of independence from spectacles and contacts is one of life’s significant moments. We at MLC are prepared to make that process as comfortable, educational, and pleasant as we can. To that end, we will tap into our immense experience, cutting-edge technology, and wonderful and supportive staff to maximize your experience, as well as your visual results. is a world leader in data recovery services and one of the only companies to invest in data recovery research and development. We have developed the most advanced technology and use state-of-the-art equipment; together with the highest level of expertise we are able to recover data from any storage device, such as Hard drives, RAID array, tapes, memory cards, flash drives, optical and magnetic media, etc. As a result, we present the highest success rate of complete data recovery for our clients, leaving them satisfied and secure.

Common FAQs from New York Business Owners

We’ve received many questions from NY business owners throughout the years – here are some of the most common.

1. How much does registering a trademark cost?

When you file a trademark application with the USPTO, you will be charged a fee of $350 for each group of trademarks according to their product or service categories that you submit with your application. Your trademark attorney fees are separate and cover the costs of researching, preparing and submitting your application. Your fees will not include defending against any objections that may be filed. Xavier Morales also offers flat-fees for his services in some instances at low rates.

2. How long will a trademark last?

After you have successfully registered your trademark with the USPTO, it can last as long as you continue to use it on or with your goods or services that you listed in your registration if you file all of the required documentation with the USPTO at the required times. You can receive help from the Law Office of Xavier Morales to make certain that these documents are filed so that your trademark registration can continue.

3. How long will it take to register my trademark?

The average time that it takes to register a trademark is between 13 months and 18 months because of potential delays in the process or office actions. If your application is clean, it can take less time. The USPTO typically takes four to six months to review your application. If the attorney who is assigned to examine your application finds no problems, the USPTO may move more quickly to its publication. After it is published, time is given for objections to your trademark. If there are no objections, you could receive your trademark registration in as little as nine months after you file your application.

Working with a Trademark Attorney

The federal government does not require anyone to hire a trademark attorney in order to apply for a patent. The USPTO has a website through which you can submit your application. However, you are much likelier to be successful with your trademark application if you work with an experienced trademark attorney. People who get the help of trademark attorneys are 50 times likelier to have their patents registered than are people who don’t. If your trademark application is rejected, you will not be refunded your filing fee, meaning that you would have to start the process over if yours was denied.

An experienced trademark attorney can help in several ways. He or she can evaluate your trademark to make certain that it complies with trademark law and that it is not too similar to a mark that is already registered. The application for registering trademarks is very complex, and if you make mistakes on it, your application will be denied. Your trademark lawyer can help you with completing the application to ensure that it is completed correctly. If you receive an office action or a third party objects to your trademark, your lawyer can help you to defend against both. By working with a skilled trademark lawyer, you may be successful with registering a trademark that helps to establish your brand and to set your products or services apart from your competition. Contact the Law Office of Xavier Morales to schedule your appointment.

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