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Xavier Morales is a graduate of Harvard Law School, where he served as the editor-in-chief of the Harvard Latino Law Review. A licensed trademark attorney, Morales assists clients throughout the U.S. with their trademark issues. While he is admitted to practice law in Texas, New York and California, the particular nature of his law practice allows him to represent clients with their trademark applications and issues in any state. Morales has substantial experience helping his clients to secure their trademarks. In 2010, Trademark Insider named him as the top attorney in the country in terms of the number of applications that he filed on behalf of his clients during that year. To date, Morales has filed more than 6,000 applications for his clients with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He regularly prosecutes trademarks while appearing before the USPTO and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. In addition, he also represents clients who are involved in disputes over their domain names or who have copyright issues.

Philadelphia Businesses We’ve Helped

We’ve helped numerous businesses in Philadelphia protect their brand names and other marks. Here are a few examples of companies we’ve worked with:


We empower regulated organizations by simplifying cybersecurity, privacy u0026amp; compliance services. We use a holistic approach and have developed a five-step action plan to cut the complexity from security solutions. Our goal is to help decision makers protect what is important while staying compliant with industry regulations. With decades of combined business expertise in the healthcare, finance, and technology industries, our company uses real world experiences to guide businesses to a secure future.

Spear, Greenfield, Richman u0026amp; Weitz, PC

Spear, Greenfield, Richman u0026amp; Weitz, P.C. is a personal injury litigation firm that handles most varieties of personal injuries including those resulting from automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, products liability, Workers’ compensation and Social Security disability. Spear, Greenfield, Richman u0026amp; Weitz, PC attorneys are licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Spear, Greenfield, Richman u0026amp; Weitz, PC began as Rand Spear u0026amp; Associates and was renamed January 1, 2000. The firm originally consisted of founder Rand Spear and then associate, Marc F. Greenfield. The firm has grown over the years and now employs sixteen lawyers and over thirty support staff members.

Spear, Greenfield, Richman u0026amp; Weitz, PC is different from many law firms that represent those who are injured…we regularly take cases to court in order to obtain the highest possible award for our clients. In fact, many law firms refer their cases to Spear, Greenfield, Richman u0026amp; Weitz, PC when a lawsuit must be filed.


With BitesCourt, restaurants can rest assured that credit card orders are validated beforehand and orders are integrated into a system that’s easy to use. And unlike their competitors, BitesCourt allows the restaurants to keep a bigger percentage of sales made through the app. Vivas was also determined to help create a better user experience for customers ordering food online. By establishing a robust loyalty program, BitesCourt customers not only have access to hundreds of local restaurants at their fingertips, but also have the opportunity to win a free meal for every 8 meals they purchase through the app.

Common FAQs from Philadelphia Business Owners

1. What is the difference between TM, SM and ®?

You have likely seen the notations TM, SM and ® following the names, symbols, words or devices that are used to designate the sources of the products or services that are offered by various businesses. When you claim the right to a mark, you can follow it with a TM or an SM to demonstrate your claim to it. You are only allowed to use the circle-R notation if you have actually secured your registration from the USPTO, however. In order to enforce your trademark rights across the country, you will need to register your trademark or service mark with the USPTO.

2. How much will it cost to file a trademark application?

The USPTO charges a fee of $350 per group of products or services that you include with your trademark application. This fee is separate from the attorney fees that you will incur for the preparation of your application. If your trademark application receives substantive objections or challenges, those costs will also be additional. In some instances, The Law Office of Xavier Morales may be willing to negotiate affordable, flat-rate fees for our trademark registration services.

3. How long will the process take?

On average, registering a trademark takes anywhere from 13 to 18 months because of delays that can happen along the way. If your application is absolutely clean, however, it may take as few as nine months. Once you submit your application and pay your filing fee, it will take the USPTO about four months to do its initial review. The examining attorney who is assigned to your application will analyze it. If it does not contain mistakes, your mark may then be moved to publication fairly quickly. The USPTO will give third parties time to file objections to it. If there are no objections, you may complete the process in less than one year.

Working with a Trademark Attorney

The USPTO does not require that anyone uses the help of trademark attorneys to submit their trademark applications. If your application contains mistakes, it is likely to be denied. The trademark application is very complex, and it is easy to make mistakes when you are completing it. On average, businesses who file their applications with the help of trademark attorneys are 50 percent likelier to be successful with them.

When you work with your experienced trademark attorney, he or she will research your mark and analyze it for you to make certain that it adheres to the legal requirements for trademarks and that there aren’t any similar marks that are already registered. He or she will then help you to prepare your application and to submit it. If your trademark application receives office actions or objections, your attorney can then represent you before the USPTO or the TTAB. Call the Law Office of Xavier Morales to learn more about how we can help you to register your trademark.

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