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Xavier Morales, a licensed trademark attorney, was named by Trademark Insider as the top trademark attorney in 2010 for the number of applications that he filed on behalf of his clients that year. Morales has filed more than 6,000 applications for his clients during his career. He is admitted to practice law in California, New York and Texas, and he is also able to assist his clients with their trademark issues anywhere in the U.S. Morales helps his clients by researching and evaluating their trademarks, submitting their applications, prosecuting trademarks before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and advocating for his clients before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

San Diego Businesses We’ve Helped

We’ve helped numerous businesses in San Diego protect their brand names and other marks. Here are a few examples of companies we’ve worked with:

Luna Grill

We genuinely care about our food, where it comes from, and how we serve it. This is why we serve rice, lamb, salmon, grass fed beef, and many other items that are all non-GMO. We reduce, eliminate and avoid additives, preservatives and other unnecessary ingredients whenever possible to serve pure, real food. We genuinely care about our food and who we are serving it to, this is why we have non-GMO project verified oils that we use when preparing all of our meals. Whether you get a French fry or our chicken kabob the oils used are non-GMO.

Stern USA

Founded in 1956, family-owned Steren Electronics is the leading provider of consumer electronics in Mexico. Consumers can buy our quality products from more than 360 Steren-operated retail stores and major national supermarket chains in Mexico, and we’re expanding into Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama and the Dominican Republic. In the U.S., Steren supplies electronics and accessories to some of the nation’s largest cable and telecommunications companies, including ATu0026amp;T, Cox, DirecTV, Dish Network and Time Warner. In fact, you can find a Steren product at work in nearly every connected home in North America.

Rubbed Right BBQ

Through a flavor layering process, we are able to create a finished product that is moist, tender, and pops with flavor. The key to this process is for all the ingredients from the injections, marinades, rubs, sauces, and most importantly the smoke to meld together in perfect harmony without one overpowering the other. Barbecue truly is an amazing art but I really do believe that the best quality about it is that it has a way of bringing people together and that is most important of all.

International Bath u0026amp; Tile

International Bath u0026amp; Tile believes in simplifying and perfecting the art of design. Our vast array of materials sparks a solution for every budget and style, whether you’re looking for household brand names or one-of-a-kind treasures. Architects, designers, and homeowners come to us not just for our spectacular showrooms and competitive prices, but also for our willingness to provide hands-on guidance in residential and commercial projects of all sizes. Let us help you to imagine and create an incredible space that combines luxury with functionality, simplicity with sophistication.

Orbit Supply

At Orbit Supply you will always receive our undivided attention and all callers are greeted by a live customer service agent. Our trained staff is constantly being updated on new product developments ensuring the highest quality service available. Furthermore, we offer the option of same day shipping and we will work with the manufacturer to expedite your shipment if required – ensuring you will never have to send your customer to the competition.

Common FAQs from San Diego Business Owners

1. What is a service mark or trademark?

Trademarks are words, symbols, names or devices that businesses use in the sale or trade of goods in order to identify their sources and to distinguish them. Service marks work in the same way as do trademarks except they are used to identify and distinguish services and their sources. You may use your registered trademark or service mark rights to keep other businesses or individuals from using the same or similar marks. A trademark will not prevent other businesses from selling similar products or from offering similar services, however.

2. How much will it cost to register a trademark?

You will be charged a $350 fee for each class of services or goods that you include in your trademark application. The costs for preparing the application and researching your trademark that are charged by your lawyer will be additional. The fees that the Law Office of Xavier Morales charges for trademark applications do not include the legal costs involved with filing responses to substantive objections or challenges to your application. We are able to offer flat-fee rates for representation before the USPTO in some instances.

3. How long will it take to get a trademark?

In the event that there are no problems with your application, it is possible to secure your trademark registration in less than one year. Normally, however, the trademark registration process takes from 13 to 18 months because of delays and office actions. From the time that you submit your application, the USPTO will take an average of four to six months to review it. If the attorney who examines your application does not find any problems with it, your trademark may be moved to the publication phase. You may receive your trademark in about nine months if no objections are filed against it.

Working with a Trademark Attorney

It is possible for you to apply to register a trademark without the help of an attorney on the USPTO’s website. Most businesses choose to retain experienced trademark lawyers because the businesses are 50 times more likely to be successful when they have the help of experienced lawyers.

When you work with your trademark attorney, he or she will research your trademark to make certain that it is not too similar from another mark and that it complies with the applicable trademark laws. If you apply for a trademark that is too similar to another or that doesn’t comply with the laws, your application will be denied. The USPTO does not refund filing fees when applications are denied, meaning that you would simply have to start the process over with a new mark. Your attorney can help you to avoid these issues so that you are likelier to receive your registration.

Because of the complex nature of the trademark application, it is very easy to make mistakes on it. Many applications are rejected because of the errors that they contain. Your trademark lawyer can help you to complete the form so that it is error-free and less likely to be rejected.

With the help of an experienced trademark lawyer, you are likelier to secure your trademark registration. Contact the Law Office of Xavier Morales to learn more about applying for a trademark or prosecuting violations of your existing mark.

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