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The Atlanta Braves are one of the best Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. All the way from Greg Maddux to Andruw Jones, the Braves have had a good run of history. The Atlanta Braves have the distinction of being the oldest professional sports team in US history. (You can check out more MLB trademarks here.)

The Braves began in Boston in the 20th century before relocating to Milwaukee, then onto their current home in Atlanta, Georgia. They are best known for their iconic Native American branding, including a war chant and Tomahawk. Many fans will still recall how the Braves dominated the National League in the 1990s, seeing the only World Series championship (so far). However, they had won two prior championships (in Boston and Milwaukee).

In 2019, the Braves won the National League East division, losing in the first round to the St. Louis Cardinals. The Braves moved to a new stadium in 2017.

Famous Atlanta Braves Trademarks

The Braves have several iconic trademarks and a unique brand encompassing a logo, mascots, and other marketing materials. If you’re a Braves fan, you’ve almost certainly seen their Tomahawk and Native American iconography, which includes a war chant. Let’s take a look at their most well-known trademarks.


The wordmark for the team name “Braves” was first registered in 1967, following the first use in 1941. The trademark applies to the following categories:

  • Entertainment in the form of professional baseball games
  • Jackets
  • Services related to rendering live baseball games
  • Paper goods and printed matter
  • Beverage containers
  • Textiles
  • Pens in the shape of baseball bats
  • All-purpose bags
  • Children’s playsuits and baby accessories
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Clothing for men, women, and children
  • Toys and sporting goods
  • Smoking articles and accessories
  • Pens
  • All-purpose athletic bags
  • Caps

Rome Braves

The Rome Braves are a minor league arm of the Atlanta Braves, competing as a high-a affiliate. Following its first use in 2002, the word mark “Rome Braves” has been a registered trademark since 2009, and it applies to the following categories:

  • Goods and services, toys, and sporting goods
  • Entertainment services
  • Computer broadcasting
  • Newsletters, magazines, and other printed matter
  • Providing facilities for sports events and exhibitions
  • Broadcasted services
  • Entertainment services for the advertisement of baseball
  • Bobblehead dolls and other accessories
  • Clothing, namely hats, caps, and visors

Chop On

A reference to their famed Tomahawk chop, the Atlanta Braves submitted a trademark application for the slogan ‘Chop On’ in 2018. The trademark is registered in the following categories:

  • Clothing for men, women, and children
  • Entertainment services related to baseball games

Groundhog logo

This Braves logo consists of a groundhog wearing a blue baseball cap. The letter G is written in the center of the hat in red, with a white outline. A tomahawk appears within the middle of the letter “G,” appearing in red, outlined in white, and the rope in the center in gold. The logo is trademarked for the following uses:

  • Baseball exhibitions
  • Professional baseball games

Boston Braves

The Atlanta Braves were formerly known as the Boston Braves (when they were still in their native Boston). They still own the rights to this trademark, and the trademark filing took place in 2006 for:

  • Clothing, including baseball uniforms and sports clothing

Milwaukee Braves

After relocating to Milwaukee briefly, the Boston Braves became the Milwaukee Braves. This braves mark was most recently registered in 2006 and is trademarked for:

  • Clothing, including sports clothing, caps, hats, and baseball uniforms


The Boston Beaneters was the MA national league franchise’s name from the 1880s to the early 1900s. The name “Beaneaters” has remained valuable for merchandising and other marketing materials. The Atlanta Braves registered this trademark in 2010 for just one category:

  • Clothing for men, women, and children, specifically T-shirts and jerseys.

“A” Logo

The “A” logo has long been associated with the Atlanta Braves and consists of an “A” written in script, sometimes seen with a stone ax to the rear of the A. Since 2002 the logo has been registered for use in the following categories:

  • Clothing, including hats, caps, and sportswear
  • Paper goods and printed matter such as newsletters, magazines, and trading cards
  • Education and entertainment services
  • Video games and computer games
  • Novelty items such as keychains
  • Table lamps and small electricals
  • Watches, jewelry, and other accessories
  • Entertainment services encompassing live baseball games
  • Baseball caps

Braves written logo

The written logo includes a stone ax beneath “Braves” in a stylized font that is the most commonly seen Braves logo today. It was officially registered in 2003 following use from 1966. It is trademarked in the following categories:

  • Baseball caps and merchandise
  • Entertainment, education, and information services
  • Baseball games and exhibitions
  • Beverage containers
  • Clothing
  • Embroidered patches for clothing
  • Novelty items such as keyrings
  • Smoking paraphernalia and accessories
  • Gym bags

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Boston Doves

The Boston Doves was the unofficial name that the press used to refer to the Boston National League Base Ball Co., while the Dovey Brothers owned the team. The Atlanta Braves registered the “Boston Doves” wordmark in 2010 for:

  • Clothing and baseball merchandise

Gwinnett Braves

The Gwinnett Stripers are a minor league baseball team representing the Triple-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. The “Gwinnett Braves” trademark has been registered since 2010 and is valid in the following categories:

  • Paper goods and printed matter
  • Clothing, caps, hats, and merchandise
  • Toys and sporting goods
  • Broadcasting and provision of baseball games
  • Scrapbooks, autobiographies, and calendars

Danville Braves

The Danville Braves are a Virginia-based Minor League Baseball team. They were an Advanced Rookie-level team in the Appalachian League and were a farm team of the Atlanta Braves. The Braves have played home games at American Legion Post 325 Field. Opened in 1993, Legion Field held 2,588 fans; prior to coming to Danville, they played at Calfee Park in Pulaski, Virginia. They’re a branch off of the Atlanta Braves, and the Braves own the trademark for the Danville Braves, which is registered in the following categories:

  • Toy figurines, including bobblehead dolls
  • Paper goods and printed matter, including calendars, newsletters, magazines, and scrapbooks
  • Entertainment services, including live and recorded professional baseball games
  • Clothing for men, women, and children
  • Club merchandise

Home Of the Braves

The Atlanta Braves trademarked the slogan “Home Of The Braves” in 2010 for use in this category:

  • Baseball games, including competitions, tournaments, and exhibitions

Mississippi Braves

The Mississippi Braves, also known locally as the M-Braves, are a minor league affiliate of the Atlanta braves. The Atlanta Braves officially submitted the trademark for the name Mississippi Braves in 2008 following first recorded use in the 1990s. The trademark registration applies to the following categories:

  • Clothing for men, women, and children, including T-shirts, jerseys, and pants
  • Paper goods and printed matter
  • Entertainment services, including baseball games
  • Toys and goods

Wrapping up

The Atlanta Braves are a favorite Major League baseball team with a long-running and unique history. The estimated value of the Atlanta Braves team is around 2 billion US dollars; a large part of this will be wrapped up in brand value and sponsorship value, including intellectual property. You can protect your intellectual property by registering your unique branding with the USPTO. The Atlanta Braves have more than 60 registered trademarks and trademark filings.

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