Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw Trademarks

Dr. Phil McGraw is an entertainer, host, and bestselling author. He is best known for his no-nonsense approach and one-liners. Together with Robin, his wife, he has pioneered a successful talk show on television for around two decades. He has also written dozens of books, including multiple best sellers.

Born Phillip Calvin McGraw in Oklahoma in 1950, McGraw moved to Kansas as a youngster. Excelling at football in high school, he secured a scholarship to the University of Tulsa before transferring to Midwestern State University in 1975 with a bachelor’s in psychology. In 1976 he earned a master’s in experimental psychology and a Ph.D. from North Texas university. After completing his education, he joined his father’s private practice as a psychologist.

McGraw met and married his first wife – Debbie Higgins McCall, in 1970. The marriage was strained from the outset and was annulled in 1973. Shortly after that, he met his second wife, Robin Jo Jameson.

In 1985 McGraw’s successful partnership with a texas businesswoman (Thelma Box) launched a series of very successful seminars. In 1991 he sold his stake in that company for $325,000 and began his own venture, Courtroom Sciences, Inc (CSI), which assisted trial lawyers with litigation psychology. His company would assist Oprah Winfrey in winning a major case against beef producers, which helped launch him to national prominence. His appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show were so popular that in 2002 he officially formed his own production company and launched a talk show. Originally, his show was produced by Oprah’s Harpo studio and shown on CBS.

Dr. Phil went on to produce several shows, including Dr. Phil House, Decision house, and award-winning Daily Mail TV. The most successful spin-off was The Doctors, produced by Jay McGraw, Doctor Phil’s son.

The Doctors received multiple Daytime Emmy Award nominations and won in the Outstanding Talk Show category in 2010. In 2012, he founded a telehealth company called Doctor On Demand, which would become prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic as an alternative way to seek treatment for mental health issues.

Robin McGraw initially began sitting in the audience of the Dr.Phil show but graduated to taking part in special guest spots, then episodes. Her involvement grew over time. Robin is a philanthropist and author in her own right. Several of her books have achieved bestseller status with two best sellers in the New York Times. Her books have included titles such as What’s Age Got to Do with It?: Living Your Healthiest and Happiest Life, Christmas in My Home and Heart, and Robin McGraw’s Complete Makeover Guide: A Companion to What’s Age Got to Do with It?

Robin and Dr. Phil are joint pioneers of When Georgia Smiled: The Dr. Phil Foundation, which is an organization devoted to helping take care of victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse, child abuse, and crisis. As a philanthropist, Robin is inclined to support charities concerning military families, women, and children. The organization has also provided support to communities affected by disasters.

Dr. Phil and Robin currently reside in California in Beverly Hills. His show, The Dr.Phil Show, is currently renewed to air until at least 2023, which will be the 20th season of the show. Phil and Robin share two sons, Jay and Jordan, and two grandchildren. Phil McGraw’s present net worth is around 440 million dollars, including an annual salary of 88 million dollars.

Famous Dr. Phil Trademarks

There are few celebrity figures as well-known as Dr. Phil. Though his career isn’t without controversy, he’s consistently earned fame through his television show. In addition to the show, Dr. Phil and his wife Robin McGraw have quite a few trademarks registered under their production company – Peteski Productions Inc. Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known Dr. Phil trademarks.

  1. Phil

The wordmark “Dr. Phil” was registered in the following categories in 2002:

  • Clothing
  • Providing information relating to personal relationships via the internet
  • Prerecorded videos and media
  • Entertainment services in the nature of an ongoing television program in the field of personal relationships; conducting seminars, lectures, and workshops on awareness and personal relationships
  • Books, stationary, and paper matter

Phil In The Blanks

The wordmark “Phil In The Blanks” was registered in 2021 for use in the following categories:

  • Downloadable audio podcasts and webcasts featuring stories, news, information, interviews, and commentary in the field of entertainment
  • Entertainment services in the nature of providing audio podcasts featuring stories, news, information, interviews, and commentary in the field of entertainment

Living By Design

The wordmark “Living by design” was registered in 2020 for use in:

  • Audio podcasts and webcasts, entertainment services related to commentary in the entertainment field

I’ve got a secret

The trademark ‘‘I’ve got a secret” was registered in 2021 for use in the following categories:

  • Downloadable podcasts in the field of health, beauty, actualization and empowerment, points of interest, and interviews with celebrity guests
  • Entertainment services, namely, providing podcasts in the field of health, beauty, actualization and empowerment, points of interest, and interviews with celebrity guests

Mystery and murder: Analysis by Dr. Phil

Since 2019 Dr. Phil has pioneered a popular podcast in the murder mystery/true crime genre. Shooting to popularity during the pandemic, it is now one of the number one podcasts covering some of the most heinous crimes in the 21st century. Following its first use in 2019, the trademark was registered last year in the following categories:

  • Providing entertainment services related to true crime stories
  • Podcasts featuring news, information, and commentary in the field of entertainment

I’ve got a secret! With Robin McGraw

The trademark filing for “I’ve got a secret! With Robin McGraw” was submitted in 2020. The trademark applies to:

  • Downloadable podcasts in the field of lifestyle, relationships, fitness, mental health, working from home, fashion, beauty, parenting, social media, aging, health, beauty, actualization and empowerment, points of interest, and interviews with public figures and celebrity guests
  • Entertainment services related to podcasts
  • Non-fiction books on various topics
  • Journals, booklets, pamphlets, brochures, printed teaching materials, and books in the fields of lifestyle
  • Columns featuring current events and interviews
  • Interviews with public figures and celebrity guests

Robins Secret

The trademark filing for “Robins Secret” was filed in 2021. If it’s approved, it’ll apply in:

  • Cosmetics, beauty, and makeup sets

The 16th minute

The trademark filing for “the 16th minute” was submitted in 2021. If approved, it will apply in one category:

  • Entertainment services such as the provision of continuing programs featuring entertainment and media programming delivered by radio, television, satellite, audio, video, web-based applications, mobile phone applications, computer networks, streaming, and social media

Wrapping up

Dr. Phil is one of the most famous television personalities in the USA, becoming a cornerstone of the entertainment industry with his talk TV show. Dr. Phil McGraw is worth over 400 million dollars and is ranked in the Forbes top 10 as one of the highest-earning celebrities in the world.

Part of the immense value is made up of intellectual property, which can be worth more than physical property. Under Peteski Productions, the Dr. Phil brand has registered a dozen trademarks, including the name “Dr. Phil” and a podcast pioneered by him. Registering a trademark gives you a legal way to recourse if someone infringes on your brand.

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