The History of the Apple Logo

Whether you have a Mac, iPhone or tablet, you are probably familiar with Apple products. Apple is one of the most famous technology companies in the world. It sets itself apart by focusing on a sleek and attractive design in addition to a secure platform. Like many companies, Apple spent a lot of time and effort building a brand and establishing its reputation.

Building a brand proves its products and services work well and offer results on which users can depend. When it comes to technology, many people would not even consider using something other than Apple. Those who turn to Apple enjoy the solid and well-built design, but business experts often turn to Apple for its secure interface. Apple only allows approved programs to run on its devices, making it more secure than other operating systems.

Apple logo

Who Was Involved in Creating It?

The Apple logo came to life in 1976. Steve Jobs enjoyed eating apples and came up with the name Apple Computer, and he worked with Ronald Wayne to design the first Apple logo. The first logo featured a single apple on an apple tree in an orchard. Apple founder Steve Jobs used the first logo for about a year. After deciding he was unhappy with the Apple logo, Jobs worked with Rob Janoff to create a new design.

The first design highlighted an orchard and apple tree, but the second focused more on the apple. Many Apple logos featured a rainbow-colored apple that represented the values for which the company stands. As the years passed, Apple changed to a black apple in 1998.

Apple changed the color of its logo several times over the next several years, but it finally settled on the silver design as its most recent choice. The Apple logo represents the sleek and simple design of Apple devices. When you turn on an Apple computer, smartphone or tablet, you know you have a device on which you can depend.

When Was It First Made?

The Apple logo grabbed attention in the 1970s, and the small technology company quickly grabbed attention. The first computer was a lot different from what you would expect in the modern world, and it did not have a user-friendly interface. In fact, it did not even have a mouse. You only had a keyboard and a command interface to interact with the device, and using the first Apple computer required special training.

A lot changed over the years, and you can now get your computer up and running without stress. The first logo was designed in 1976 and was meant to grab the attention of business professionals. The first computer gave businesses a way to store information and computer with different departments within their network.

When Was the Most Recent Change Made?

The most recent logo change happened in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It changed from a colorful design to a black one, and it then changed to a silver logo. Steve Jobs wanted the public to know he focused on simplicity and security. The logo’s simple design reflected his values and showcased the message he wanted to send, and he took Apple to its next stage of evolution.

Apple’s logo went through several changes over the years, and many Apple fans have been with Apple from the start. They have seen the changes and know that the logo represents the values for which the company stands.

What We Can Learn From Apple’s Logo

Microsoft and Apple went head-to-head to claim the No. 1 spot in the technology industry. While Microsoft took a more professional and upscale approach, Apple took a different path. Steve Jobs painted himself and his company as a rebel, going against the common theme in the business and technology fields. Rather than going with common trends, his goal was to set himself apart by making his own path.

He wanted to give users an easy way to use technology that keeps them connected and on point. When people think of Apple, Steve Jobs wants them to think of mavericks who don’t always follow the rest of the herd. Hidden in his upscale but easy-to-use interface, you will find discrete jokes that point to job’s lifestyle and sense of humor.

Why a Logo Matters

The right logo makes a big difference for your business. A coffee company of which you have never heard has to sell cheap coffee until it builds a solid customer base. Once it earns a reputation, it can raise its prices and make even more money from its sales. On the other hand, a branded coffee company can charge much more for each cup of coffee it sells. When you treat customers right and offer a solid product, people are willing to pay much more for what you have to offer.

Final Thoughts

When you want to build a brand, having a solid product or service goes a long way. Show your customers that they can depend on the products or services you sell, and they will be willing to come back again and again. The problem is that having a quality product or service is not always enough to do the job right, or to make it memorable.

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