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Netflix, Inc, the corporate giant and popular media services provider, was founded in the late 90s; they have grown exponentially and as of 2022, they hold the majority market cap of the streaming industry.

Netflix began with a DVD shipping business model, but in 2007, they’d expand to streaming services online, and now, that is where the majority of their income comes from. However, despite being known for their app and, Netflix still ships DVD rentals. It’s thought that around 2 million customers still use Netflix’s rental service, compared to at least 60 million active Netflix accounts (in the USA alone).

Starting in 2012, Netflix has produced movies and shows under the ‘Netflix Originals’ tag. They’ve produced major hits like Bird Box and Stranger Things. In that time, Netflix’s projects have been nominated for over 600 Primetime Emmy Awards (and won 112 of them).

Netflix is considered the modern father of the binge-watching phenomenon. Its viewing style lets users watch whatever they want at their own pace which creates an environment that users want to return to time after time.

Popular Netflix trademarks

Netflix’s sounds, logo, and slogans are inextricably linked with them. Since their first filings back in 2002, Netflix has registered hundreds of trademarks with the trademark office, gaining the trademark rights to an array of different marks. Let’s take a look at some of their most well-known trademarks.

The ”N” Netflix logo

The Netflix logo is a familiar sight for binge-watchers; Netflix’s use of the stylized N in red began in 2017 and was trademarked in that same year. The trademark applies to:

  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Streaming software
  • Entertainment and educational services, including downloadable movies and television series
  • Software for streaming audiovisual and multimedia content via the internet and global communications networks
  • Software for searching, organizing, and recommending multimedia content

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a famous mystery TV series focused on strange events unfolding in a remote town; the series premiered in the summer of 2016. So far, it has run for four seasons. The trademark filing took place in 2016 and was approved in 2019, applying to these categories:

  • Jewelry/accessories
  • Clothing
  • Stationery such as appointment books, pens, and diaries
  • Magazines and fiction books
  • Backpacks and book bags
  • Beverageware
  • Buttons and textile patches
  • Toys
  • Audiobooks & E-books

Squid Game

I’d be remiss not to mention the rising cult classic that is Squid Game. Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama that immediately shot to prominence in 2021. While the trademark isn’t registered yet, the trademark application was filed in 2021 and is expected to be approved. If approved, the trademark will cover these categories:

  • Bath products
  • Cosmetics
  • Nailcare
  • Skincare
  • Keychains and key fobs
  • Hair spray
  • Mobile phone accessory charms
  • Imitation jewelry and accessories
  • Cloth coasters and flags
  • Bobblehead dolls
  • Placemats and other home textiles
  • Baked goods such as cakes and bread and all other food
  • Marketing and promotional services
  • Restaurant and bar services
  • Multimedia digital content contains audio, video, artwork, and text related to a dramatic television series
  •  Entertainment events like cultural and arts events, dance events, and social entertainment events

Netflix Recommended TV

Netflix Recommended TV can assist you in choosing a TV to purchase. They’ll recommend TV’s which can give you the best experience of Netflix and other applications. TVs are rated based on functionality, ease of use, and performance. The program promises users a faster, better viewing experience. The trademark was registered in 2017 after being used from 2015. It applies to these categories:

  • Televisions
  •  Providing information in the field of electronics

The Queens Gambit

The Queens Gambit is a 2020 TV series based on the 1983 novel of the same name. The Queens Gambit follows the fascinating life story of a 9-year old orphan turned chess maestro. The TV show was a huge success, with over 60 million Netflix users tuning in. Trademark registration for the Queen’s Gambit took place in 2021, with the first use in e-commerce happening in 2020. The trademark covers:

  • Entertainment services in the nature of a dramatic television series


Bridgerton is a popular period drama launched by Netflix in 2020. Netflix applied for their trademark in 2021, but the application has yet to be approved. If approved, the trademark will cover:

  • TV entertainment services, including a TV drama
  • Bath/shower products
  • Skincare products
  • Cosmetics
  • Bodycare
  • Haircare
  • Downloadable entertainment software for viewing content related to a dramatic television series
  • Charms for keychains, decorative key fobs
  • Jewelry boxes and cases
  • Imitation jewelry and semi-precious stones
  • Printed appointment books
  • Blank journal books
  • Bookends and printed daily planners
  • Temporary body tattoos
  • Carrying bags of all kinds
  • Bakeware including bowls, cake pans, cookie cutters, and other accessories
  • Kitchenware including pie pans, cups, and cookie jars
  • Tea sets and accessories
  • Home textiles such as cloth coasters, curtains, handkerchiefs, household linens, and more
  • Clothing
  • Hairpins and bobby pins
  • Action figurines including dolls and associated accessories
  • Handheld units for playing electronic games
  • Baked goods such as biscuits, cookies, and bread
  • Online publishing of information related to the entertainment industry

Red and white Netflix logo

This logo consists of the word ‘Netflix’ in white font on a red background, the color red is a registered feature of the mark. This is one of the older Netflix logos, with recorded use going back to 1998. The trademark registration covers the following categories:

  • Transmission of audio and multimedia content
  • Entertainment and educational services
  • Online retail store services in the entertainment sector
  • Providing an online forum where users can rate content
  • Rental and distribution services

”I’m obsessed with this”

Netflix has trademarked the use of the phrase ‘I’m obsessed with this’, a phrase associated with a Netflix podcast. The trademark was registered in 2019 and covers the following category:

  • Use in the entertainment industry, primarily in the provision of a podcast

Sensory trademark

The familiar musical tone of loading your Netflix app lets you know you’re well on your way to binge-watching your latest TV show. But, this tone is more than that. Since 2017 this tone has been a sensory trademark.

The musical composition, which features two sixteenth note timpani strikes (on D2 and D3) simultaneously with other half notes (on D2, D4, and D5), is a registered service mark and applies to the following categories:

  • Entertainment and educational services
  • Streaming audiovisual and multimedia content via the internet; transmission and delivery of audiovisual and multimedia content via the internet; video-on-demand transmission services

Red Netflix logo

Like the ‘N’ logo, this mark, consisting of the word ”Netflix” in stylized red font, has become inextricable with the Netflix brand. The registration date for this logo was in 2015 and covered the following areas:

  • Software for streaming multimedia via the internet and global communications networks
  • Software for organizing and recommending multimedia content.
  • Digital video recorders and DVD video disc players
  • Home theater systems comprised of audio and video receivers
  • Streaming of audiovisual and multimedia content on the internet
  • Entertainment and educational services

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Wrapping up

Under intellectual property laws, registering your business’s unique features and branding are crucial to receiving protection from trademark infringement. Netflix, a media giant worth over 240 billion dollars, will be well aware of the protections offered which is why Netflix has over 300 trademarks registered with the USPTO, giving them valuable protection under trademark law.

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