Paris Hilton Trademarks

Paris Hilton is perhaps one of the first influencers, named by the media as ”famous for being famous”. But she’s also a savvy businesswoman, heiress, and reality television star.

Paris is the great-granddaughter of hotel mogul Conrad Hilton, who founded the luxury Hilton Hotel brand. She was born in 1981 in New York and was raised between Beverly Hills and Manhattan.

Hilton began modeling with Donald Trump’s agency, T-management, in the early 2000s. She took a few minor movie roles around this time and stepped into the spotlight when she made a hit reality show with her best friend, Nicole Richie. The Simple Life ran for four years.

From 2004 onwards, Hilton appeared in more TV shows and movies, including Veronica Mars and The OC. Hilton also released her first book, Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose. It rose to number 7 in the New York Times Best Seller list. In 2007, Hilton had her first significant experience with trademark law when she brought a lawsuit against Hallmark for using her likeness and ”that’s hot” (one of her famous trademarked catchphrases).

In 2009 she launched her online store,, where she sells her clothing line, false lashes, and other products.

Hilton also experimented with DJing, launching her career in Brazil in 2012, and began to win awards for her work. She was the highest-paid female DJ in the world in 2014.

Hilton broke into the real estate market with Paris Beach Club at the Azure Urban Resort in the Philippines in collaboration with Century Properties Group, Inc.

In 2015 Hilton released ”High Off My Love” which made its way to number three on the dance club charts. Soon after, she launched her hair care range. Hilton returned to the runway in 2017 and 2018, walking for Philipp Plein, Kanye West, and Christian Cowan.

Hilton currently splits her time between her NYC penthouse and a house in Los Angeles, CA. Her net worth is above 300 million.

Famous Paris Hilton trademarks

Paris Hilton is one of the most famous businesswomen in the world, with masses of wealth and assets, including 19 product lines, 20 fragrances, and over 50 retail stores. She has one of the most recognizable brands, including trademarked catchphrases such as ‘‘that’s hot’’ that are globally recognizable. It’s no surprise that her intellectual property portfolio is significant. Take a look at some of the most famous Paris Hilton trademarks.

That’s Hot

“That’s hot” is a catchphrase coined by Hilton sometime in 2003; it’s one of her first trademark registrations and was first registered in 2004. It’s registered for use in:

  • Blouses, dresses, long-sleeved shirts, pants, bathing suits, belts, jumpers, T-shirts, jumpsuits, one-piece playsuits, and other clothing for men and women
  • Multimedia entertainment services related to recording, production, and post-production services in music, video, and film

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Just Me by Paris Hilton

Just Me was one of the first fragrances launched by Paris Hilton. It was released in 2005 and is part of Hilton’s extensive perfume brand. It was registered in 2005, and the design mark consists of ‘‘Just Me’’ above ‘‘Paris Hilton’’ with a heart design. The trademark registration applies to:

  • Hair conditioner, fragrances, body scrubs, rouge, eye pencils, makeup kits, body oil, and other beauty products

Paris Hilton

Following in the footsteps of many other celebrities, Paris Hilton trademarked her own name. The trademark application was submitted in 2004, and the trademark registration currently applies to:

  • Blank data carriers, compact discs, and cartridges
  • Jewelry, watches, watch fobs, and ornamental lapel pins
  • Leather and imitation leather goods, including wallets, key chains, and purses
  • Camisoles, T-shirts, sweaters, jumpers, dresses, skirts, bathing suits, belts, footwear, and other clothing for men and women
  • Entertainment services including personal appearances by a celebrity, conducting parties in nightclubs, and more
  • Bath toys, inflatables, card games, doll clothing and houses, and other toys and playthings
  • Gym and exercise equipment
  • Body lotion, fragrances, cosmetics
  • Pet accessories, namely, leashes, collars, pet collar accessories, namely, bows and charms, and pet sweaters

Paris Hilton Passport

The Paris Hilton Passport registered trademark is related to the Paris Hilton Passport Tokyo perfume release. The trademark was registered in 2010 and applies to:

  • Fragrances, namely, eau de toilette and scented body lotion for women


Sliving began as a catchphrase. Sliving is a blend of two slang terms – “slaying” and “living your best life.” Hilton has also submitted a trademark filing for “sliving.” If the USPTO approves the filing, it’ll apply to:

  • Bath soap, bubble baths, soaps, talcum powder, body powders, body creams, cosmetics, and personal care products
  • Eyewear, including sunglasses and eyeglasses
  • Bags, namely, handbags, backpacks, wallets, shoulder bags, clutches, gym bags, messenger bags, evening bags, luggage, and leather purses
  • Pet accessories, including leashes, collars, pet collar accessories, bows, and pet sweaters
  • Jewelry, namely, watches and watch parts, rings, earrings, cuff bracelets, necklaces, lapel pins, cuff links, and brooches
  • Jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing
  • Online retail store services and retail store services in the field of general merchandise, namely, apparel, jewelry, eyewear, fragrances, bags, silverware, and glassware
  • Multimedia entertainment services like recording, production, and post-production services in music, video, and film; conducting live music festivals and live music concerts; concert bookings
  • Bath toys, stuffed toys, card games, and other toys and accessories
  • Basketball, golf and gym equipment, and other sporting goods
  • Tableware, namely, plates, serving platters, serving bowls, sugar bowls, salad bowls, butter dishes, serving trays, beverage ware, namely, water glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses, flutes, coffee mugs, napkin holders, bottle openers, and vases

Rose Rush

The Rose Rush fragrance was released in 2017, and the trademark application was registered in the same year. The trademark applies to:

  • Perfume, moisturizers, body oil, eye cream, bath products, body powder, and other cosmetic products


In 2006, Paris Hilton trademarked the word “heiress: for use in:

  • Body scrub, shampoo, face, and body soaps
  • Skin toner, moisturizer, and skin products for cosmetic use
  • Bath gels and milk

PH logo

The PH design mark consists of a monogrammed PH. It was registered in 2005 for use in:

  • Jewelry and watches


Paris Hilton submitted the trademark application for Cryptoween in 2022. The application is pending, but if approved, it’ll apply to:

  • Online electronic games, audiovisual content, music, films, videos, and entertainment services
  • Online collectibles, including NFTs
  • Toiletries, cosmetics, makeup, and skin products
  • Jewelry and bags
  • Household or kitchen utensils and containers, cookware and tableware, glassware, porcelain and earthenware, toys, leather goods, sports equipment, alcoholic beverages, nonalcoholic beverages, cocktails, bottles, and drinking glasses
  • Barware, cocktail stirrers, glass stoppers, bottle pourers, manual mixers (shakers); ice molds; ice buckets; bottle openers, straws, and wine bottle baskets
  • Providing online games on computer networks and entertainment services in the nature of organizing, arranging, and hosting virtual performances and social entertainment events

Wrapping up

Paris Hilton is a shrewd businesswoman who has developed from heiress to reality TV star and social media influencer. Hilton has developed an empire of real estate, fragrance, cosmetic, and fashion brands.

Paris’ empire is thought to be worth over 300 million dollars; some of this immense value is intellectual property. Including trademark applications, Hilton has around 50 trademarks registered with the trademark office.

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