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The Philadelphia 76ers, or ‘sixers’, began as the Syracuse Nationals in 1946. They represent one of the earliest NBA franchises and are one of 8 to survive the first decade. With the 76ers‘ recent win against the Raptors currently trending, it‘s a perfect time to look at the team‘s history and trademarks.

They play in the NBA’s Eastern Conference Atlantic Division. They play at the Wells Fargo Center.

The Sixers have enjoyed a distinguished history, with several key Hall of Fame players leaving a mark on the team. Notable names include Hal Greer, Dolph Schayes, Wilt Chamberlain, Chet Walker, Julius Irving, Billy Cunningham, Maurice Cheeks, Moses Malone, Charles Barkley, George McGinnis, and Bobby Jones. Impressive newcomers include Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey.

The Philadelphia 76ers have a long-running rivalry with the Boston Celtics. As the Syracuse Nationals, they won an NBA Championship in 1955. Successive championships were won in 1967 (led by Chamberlain), and the third came in 1983, while Erving and Malone led the team. The Sixers re-entered the NBA Finals again in 2001 but lost to the Los Angeles Lakers. Erving, Malone, and Chamberlain were named the MBA’s MVP while playing for the Sixers.

Famous Philadelphia 76ers trademarks

With a unique history and large fanbase, it’s no surprise that the Philly Sixers have several trademarks. Let’s take a look at some of their most popular trademarks, registered under the Philadelphia 76ers LP.

Philadelphia 76ers

The team name is the first and most significant word mark registered by the Sixers. The Philadelphia 76er‘s name was registered in 1968, following its first use in 1963. It’s registered in the following categories:

  • Entertainment related to basketball exhibitions, including radio and television broadcasts
  • Footwear, basketball shoes, mittens, scarves, workout clothing, jersey dresses, cheerleading uniforms and dresses, aprons, shorts, sports shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, headbands, novelty headwear, and other clothing


While it’s not the official team name, the Philadelphia 76ers, known as the ‘Sixers’, sought to protect this association with a trademark application. Following its first use in 1971, it was trademarked in several categories including:

  • Entertainment and educational services in the field of basketball
  • Basketball-related events, such as basketball camps and clinics, coach events, and more
  • Personal appearances by a costumed mascot
  • Games that range from computer games, video games, and interactive video games to action skill games, arcade games, adults and children’s party games, board games, puzzles, and trivia games
  • Online newsletters and publications
  • Footwear, basketball shoes, mittens, scarves, workout clothing, jersey dresses, cheerleading uniforms and dresses, aprons, shorts, sports shirts, and other clothing

First 76ers logo

The first 76ers logo was registered in 1977 and consists of the word ’76ers’ on top of the outline of a basketball. It’s registered for use in:

  • Entertainment services and educational services related to basketball
  • Footwear, pajamas, basketball shoes, scarves, swimwear, jerseys, cheerleading uniforms, shirts, sportswear, and other clothing
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Stationary and printed matter
  • Basketball kits, decorative dolls, toy action figures, bobblehead figures, jigsaw puzzles, and other novel toys
  • Pet toys
  • Swimming and pool accessories, including foam floats, arm rings, and swim aids
  • Inflatable balls, including beach balls
  • Christmas tree ornaments and stockings
  • Publications and newsletters
  • Playing cards

76ers star logo

The 76ers star logo consists of the number ’76’ surrounded by a pattern of stars, and the pattern contains 13 stars arranged within a circular design. The star logo is one of the most recent Philadelphia 76ers trademarks, registered in 2017 in the following categories:

  • Audio and video recordings related to basketball
  • Computer equipment and accessories including discs, computer stands, mouse pads, and keyboard accessories
  • Software and video games
  • Cellphone accessories
  • Interactive polling online related to the field of basketball
  • Downloadable computer games
  • Video stream recordings
  • Catalogs provided via the internet
  • Downloadable greeting cards
  • Publications and printed matter, including stationery, decals, commemorative stamps, and trading cards
  • Christmas cards, holiday cards, informational statistical sheets for basketball topics; newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, and game schedules in the field of basketball; bank checks, checkbook covers, checkbook holders, comic books; non-magnetic credit cards, and calling cards not magnetically encoded; money clips
  • Footwear, basketball shoes, uniforms, bathing suits, wind-resistant jackets, baby clothes, beach hats, sun visors, and other clothing
  • Entertainment and educational services related to television and radio programs, particularly rendering live baseball games
  • Interactive videos and television highlights distributed online and elsewhere

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Delaware Blue Coats 76 logo

The Blue Coats are a professional basketball team in the NBA G League, and they’re an affiliate of the 76ers. The Philadelphia 76ers own some trademarks related to the Blue Coats, mostly in the field of merchandising for joint promotions, including a logo consisting of the words ‘Delaware Blue’ and ‘Coats’ alongside a horse and rider. The number ’76’ appears on the saddle. The trademark filing was submitted in 2018 for use in:

  • Entertainment and educational services related to TV and radio broadcasts of basketball programs
  • Live appearances by a celebrity or costumed mascot as part of sports events
  • Special events and parties, including fan club services
  • Camp clinics for coaches
  • Online, downloadable, and video games
  • Printed matter and publications
  • Footwear, T-shirts, headbands, uniforms, swimwear, sportswear, parkas, dresses, and other clothing

Trust The Process

The Sixer‘s slogan, ‘Trust The Process’ refers to Sam Hinkies’ strategy, first employed when he took control during the 2013 season. The application is still pending but was submitted to the trademark office in 2018. If approved, it’ll apply to:

  • Entertainment and educational services related to broadcasted basketball games
  • Conducting and arranging basketball clinics and camps, coaches clinics and camps, dance team clinics and camps, and basketball games
  • Entertainment services including personal appearances by a sports player, mascot, or dance team
  • Clinics, camps, promotions, and associated events
  • Interactive video games and trivia games
  • Fantasy basketball leagues

Syracuse Nationals

While the Philadelphia 76ers never officially brought many Syracuse trademarks under trademark protection, they trademarked one Syracuse Nationals logo for use in merchandise. The logo consists of the word ‘Syracuse Nationals’ surrounded by a land border and star design. The trademark registration took place in 1998 for use in:

  • Clothing, including sweatshirts, T-shirts, headbands, wristbands, aprons, boxer shorts, slacks, caps, ear muffs, and more

Phila Unite

One of the most recent trademark applications submitted by the Sixers is for ‘Phila Unite’, their recently announced campaign for the playoffs. The trademark application remains pending but if approved, it will apply to:

  • Entertainment and educational services related to live and radio broadcasts related to basketball
  • Conducting and arranging basketball clinics, fan club services, and related events
  • Fantasy basketball leagues
  • Video games and interactive computer games
  • Radio highlights
  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, tank tops, jerseys, layettes, headbands, wind-resistant jackets, bikinis, tankinis, swim trunks, bathing suits, and other clothing

Wrapping up

The Philadelphia 76ers are a unique NBA team with a history that few can claim; between churning out Hall of Fame players at an impressive rate and being one of the oldest teams in the league, it’s no surprise that they’re financially worth a lot. The 76ers estimated net worth is approximately 98 million dollars. Part of this immense value is made up of intellectual property, including unique logos, slogans, and branding.

Protecting your intellectual property is a great way to ensure that people don’t profit from your hard work. The 76ers have over 50 trademarks registered with the USPTO, including pending applications, showing they know the value of a trademark.

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