Tampa Bay Lightning Trademarks

The ‘Bolts’ or Tampa Bay Lightning, compete in the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL) in the Atlantic Division. The team has stayed in its home city since its inception in 1992. This team won three Stanley Cups in 2021 after winning the shorter 2020 season (caused by the COVID-19 pandemic).

The back-to-back wins were captained by all-star player Steven Stamkos, one of the best players to be born in the 1990s. This is a solid, accomplished team with dozens of franchise records (both team and individual). The team also has the longest-tenured head coach in the NHL, with Jon Cooper serving since 2013. They play their home games at the Amalie Arena.

Famous Tampa Bay Lightning trademarks

Since its inception in 1992, the Tampa Bay Lightning has changed logos a couple of times, including a new logo in 2007. Other famous trademarks include wordmarks and slogans. The team mascot is a lighting bug affectionately known as Thunderbug, though no official trademark registrations have been filed for this so he won’t be appearing on our list. Let’s look at a few of the most famous Tampa Bay Lightning trademarks.

Tampa Bay Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning name was registered in 1994, following its first use in 1992. The name is registered for use in:

  • Entertainment services in professional ice hockey games
  • Clothing including T-shirts, sweaters, shoes, pants, and hats

Bolts Gaming

The Bolts Gaming series is a tournament allowing you to compete in a new game each month for your chance to win a fly-away trip to Las Vegas, signed jerseys, and other extras. The Bolts Gaming trademark is owned exclusively by Tampa Bay Lightning. The trademark was registered in 2020 for use in:

  • Broadcast and streaming of gameplay
  • Video broadcasting
  • On-demand video transmission
  • Online chat rooms and interactive discussion
  • Providing multiple user access to a global computer network
  • Entertainment and educational services
  • Entertainment tours
  • Interactive computer games
  • Webcasts and podcasts
  • Television programs and media delivered via social media
  • Electronic gaming leagues
  • Satellite television programs
  • Blogs
  • Online news
  • Entertainment services related to costumed mascots
  • Exhibitions and promotions related to professional sport
  • Providing temporary use of electronic non-downloadable games
  • Virtual sports
  • Adults and children’s party games
  • Action skill games and arcade games
  • Electronic gaming tours
  • Fantasy leagues
  • Electronic sports and virtual sports services match them with other online game players of all skill levels

Lightning bolt logo (2007)

This logo consists of a lightning bolt across an image of the state of Florida. The lightning bolt logo, first used in 2007, was officially registered in 2008 in several categories, including:

  • Entertainment services, including professional ice hockey exhibitions
  • Clothing, including bandanas, belts, bodysuits, raincoats, housecoats, jackets, sweaters, jerseys, dresses, cloth bibs, etc.

Lightning bolt logo (2011)

This version of the lightning bolt logo features a lightning bolt over a plain circle. It was registered in 2011, following its first use in the same year. It is registered for use in the following categories:

  • Clothing including bandanas, beach cover-ups, boxer shorts, caps, coats, footwear, gloves, hats, jackets, jerseys, pants, nightshirts, robes, shirts, shorts, socks, sun visors, sweaters, sweatpants, sweatshirts, swimsuits, swim trunks, T-shirts, ties, toques, underwear, warm-up suits, and wristbands
  • Entertainment services, namely, professional ice hockey exhibitions

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“Be The Thunder”

One of the Bolts’ famous slogans is “Be The Thunder”, and it was first registered in 2012, following its first use in 2011. It’s registered for use in:

  • Professional hockey games

Tampa Bay Hockey Club logo

This logo consists of two blue circles with “Tampa Bay Lightning” in the white text above a half-circle. The words “Hockey Club” can be seen at the bottom center of the circle in white with a sideways lightning bolt alongside the word “Club”. The logo was first used in 2011 and registered in 2016 for use in:

  • Bags including duffle bags
  • Hockey pucks
  • Jerseys and sportswear

Lightning Made

The Lightning Made training center is a multi-sport facility operated by Tampa Bay Lightning. At the training center staff (including Lightning alumni) run several sports programs, including pickleball and hockey. Pepsi currently sponsors the training centers. The trademark for ‘Lightning made’ was first registered in 2016, following its first use in 2009. It is registered in the following:

  • Instruction in hockey clinics for youths, instruction in hockey clinics for coaches, entertainment and instruction services like fantasy hockey camps

Lightning Made: Learn To Play logo

The “Lightning Made Learn to Play” logo consists of a bordered circle that says “Tampa Bay Lightning” above the circle and “Hockey programs” below, with sporting hockey sticks in the center, a puck, and a lightning bolt in the center with vertical lines within the circle. The logo was first seen in 2016 and was registered in the same year for use in:

  • Instruction in hockey clinics for youths, instruction in hockey clinics for coaches, entertainment and instruction services in the nature of fantasy hockey camps
  • Entertainment services related to hockey

Kick Ice

The wordmark “Kick Ice” was registered in 2018, following its first use in 2017. The slogan was registered for use in:

  • Entertainment services like professional ice hockey games

Lightning High School Hockey League

This mark consists of the stylized writing “Lightning” above the words ‘High school hockey league’ where there’s a line on either side of the wording within a banner. The banner stretches across and above the stylized design of a shield. The shield has several borders and an inner section filled with lines. The banner partially obscures crossed sticks. Above the thicker edge on the shield is the writing “Tampa Bay Lightning”. The mark was registered in 2019 following its first use in 2015 and is valid in the following categories:

  • Sport camp services including instruction services, refereeing, officiating, and training
  • Organization of sports competitions
  • Organization of cultural events and athletic competitions
  • Providing a website that provides sports league player statistics
  • Providing facilities for sports tournaments
  • Providing information relating to organizing community sporting and cultural activities, contests, and game
  • Organizing events to help high school seniors win scholarships
  • Provision of facilities for winter sports
  • Providing a website featuring information regarding youth sports
  • Amatuer sports services

Bolts logo

This mark consists of “Bolts” written in capital and a stylized font in a diagonal form. The shaded carrier in the background isn’t a claimed feature of the mark. The trademark was registered in 2016 following its first use in 2008; it’s registered for use in the following categories:

  • Entertainment services in the nature of professional ice hockey exhibitions
  • Hockey pucks
  • Sportswear such as gym shorts, golf shorts, long-sleeved shirts, hooded sweatshirts, sports caps and hats, socks, gym shoes, swimwear, sports jerseys, etc.
  • Pins as jewelry

Wrapping up

Most NHL teams own a considerable amount of intellectual property, and Tampa Bay Lightning is no exception. They boast a net worth of more than 1.1 billion, and a substantial part of this is made up of brand value, including logos, team colors, slogans, and marketing material.

To protect your intellectual property, you must register it with the USPTO. Proper registration allows you to sue for trademark infringement if your intellectual property is compromised. Tampa Bay Lightning see the value in trademarking their materials, as they own almost 30 trademarks.

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