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Chewy, Inc is a large American e-commerce retailer based out of Dania Beach, Florida, that primarily sells pet supplies and food. They supply many different pet products, including dog toys and pet accessories. Chewy represents one of the most successful pet store services of all time and is now a part of the PetSmart family.

Chewy is one of the online retail store services in any market to be named a top 10 employer. In addition to this, the company was also featured in Comparably’s top rankings in 2020 for best company culture and best companies for women. Domain

The domain was registered in April of 2004 and is set to expire in April of 2024 if it isn’t renewed before then. The trademark registration for chewy took place in 2013, with a first use anywhere recorded in 2012. delivery

The History of Chewy

Chewy is a popular pet brand that initially began under the name Mr. Chewy in 2011, founded by friends Ryan Cohen and Michael Day.

The company hired former employees and executives from a collection of big-name businesses such as Whole Foods, Wayfair, Amazon, and PetSmart.

Though they lost money in the first quarter, in March 2012, the company estimated total yearly revenue of over $26 million. From 2014 to 2015, sales grew from $205 Million to $423 Million.

In 2014 the company opened a distribution facility in Mechanicsburg, PA, to logistically support overnight delivery in the Northeast. In 2017 Chewy announced that it was opening an office in Boston, MA, which the company considered a secondary headquarters.

In February 2018, Chewy opened a new customer service center in Hollywood, FL. In the same year, opened a new distribution facility in Goodyear, AZ. Chewy currently has 12 fulfillment centers and three customer service centers. In October 2020, the company l

By 2017, there was even more growth, with revenue standing at approximately $2 billion and Chewy, Inc dominating with a 51% market share of e-commerce pet food sales in the US.

As Ryan Cohen was preparing to take Chewy public, both Petco and PetSmart offered to acquire the company.

Petco proposed a part stock deal versus PetSmart’s cash bid that would also allow Chewy to retain separate business operations, and so in May 2017, the largest e-commerce acquisition (of the time) took place with PetSmart acquiring Chewy for 3.35 billion dollars.

Following the acquisition, Cohen has remained the CEO and operated the business as an effectively separate arm of PetSmart. Between 2017 and 2018, Chewy’s sales increased further, reaching $3.5 billion, with automatic recurring shipments accounting for 66% of sales.

In March 2018, Cohen stepped down from his position as CEO after seven years in the role, and ex-Dell and Amazon executive Sumit Singh was subsequently named CEO after working as the companies COO since 2017.

In 2018, Chewy launched its pharmaceutical arm, Chewy Pharmacy, which is an online pet pharmacy providing prescription medications for animals. Orders placed through the business are completed in cooperation with a team of in-house veterinarians.

In 2019 Chewy, Inc had its initial public offering trading at a fairly tame $22 a share. The IPO was a billion-dollar success.

Surprisingly, the company was even able to sustain further growth during the covid-19 pandemic that collapsed and damaged many American businesses. With that said, ”boom” of sorts may be caused by the increase in puppy purchasing and general pet ownership during the pandemic, as people sought to add a furry friend to their family as a means of diversion and staving off isolation during months of home working. Overall, almost 12 million households got a pet during the pandemic in the USA.

Other Domains and Trademarks Owned by Chewy Inc.

Chewy Inc is no stranger to this, having multiple USPTO registered trademarks which reflects them having multiple corporate arms at their disposal. Let’s look at some of their most well-known trademarks and associated domains.

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Reptiles Magazine

It may surprise you to learn that Chewy, inc is the trademark owner of reptiles USA.

The domain was first registered in 1996 after first issues were published sometime in 1993.

The magazine has enjoyed a considerable following and even secured a two-part interview with the famed Steve Irwin in late 1999. A reptile is usually featured on the cover of the magazine, but there are several notable exceptions, such as Slash appearing on the cover in February 1995 due to an interview he’d given around the same time.

“Reptiles” is a popular bi-monthly magazine that caters to an array of reptile and amphibian hobbyists at all levels of experience, beginners and veterans alike. The predominant topic covered is the breeding and keeping of amphibians.

Chewy Inc has the legal rights to reptiles USA, having submitted their trademark application sometime in 1997.

Chewy Health and Petscriptions

The “petscriptions” service is a mobile-friendly website run via the main domain at

Petscriptions is an online service that promises to streamline the prescription process by providing a fast, easy and secure platform for vets to approve and review pet prescriptions.

The prescription trademark has a registration date of 2019. Chewy Petscriptions is closely linked to Chewy health, which is another trademark owned by the company.

Chewy health was officially registered in 2021


Sometime in 2017, Chewy registered their trademark for Onguard, the popular pharmaceutical flea and tick treatment that offers a safe and convenient way to keep your animals free of ticks and fleas of all life stages.

Usually, the product can be used on animals over eight weeks old. Onguard can wipe out adult fleas and prevent new eggs from hatching. Effective against brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, lone star ticks, and deer ticks that could potentially carry the very harmful Lyme disease.

Onguard is still sold via the website versus a standalone domain.

Chewy Gives Back

The company submitted its trademark filing in May of 2020 as a way to better promote its philanthropic activities and charitable aims.

Since 2012, Chewy has donated over $97 million in pet supplies alone, with donations reaching across all US states. This is in addition to more than 93 million meals donated to animals in shelters, 61 million+ pounds of food donated, and over 7,000 charitable partners served.

Chewy – where pet lovers shop.

One of the more visible service marks associated with Chewy is the slogan ”Where pet lovers shop”. This appears in multiple parts of website, and they refer to all of their customers as ”pet lovers”, too.

The slogan was officially registered with the USPTO in 2020. However, the first use anywhere was recorded in 2012.

Wrapping up

Trademarks are important assets to any business, particularly a brand as diverse as chewy, which encompasses pet health services, a magazine, and many products; it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone to know that Chewy owns at least 100 registered trademarks across several categories.

Copyright law gives trademark owners an important framework to work within to protect their intellectual property, but you can only benefit from these important legal protections by registering trademarks for your brand or business.

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