The Trademark

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that offers an array of content in an online on-demand library for a small fee every month. The company also offers a mail-order DVD service to over 2 million subscribers though this is no longer the focus of their business model.

Since 2013 Netflix has been offering many successful “Netflix Originals” produced exclusively for their publication.

There are over 1,000 original titles in Netflix’s online library, some of which are even in foreign languages, with some titles available in Brazilian Portuguese, French, and Italian, to name just a few.


The Domain

The domain was first registered in November of 1997. Netflix’s trademark registration with the USPTO took place in August of 2001, officially making Netflix a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc.

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Netflix’s History

Netflix, Inc was founded in 1997 by entrepreneurs Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. The company is headquartered in California, and Netflix is often credited with having caused the binge-watching phenomenon, which is a brilliant legacy for an entertainment company.

In 1999 Netflix began its first subscription service, primarily as a rental service of sorts that allowed subscribers to choose a movie or television series from their website.

The titles would then be mailed to customers from one of Netflix’s 100+ distribution centers alongside a prepaid return envelope.

Although customers would usually rent as many movies per month as they wanted, all for an inclusive fee, their subscription plan dictated the number of DVDs in their possession at any given time. Netflix had tens of thousands of movie titles available in its catalog.

In 2000 Blockbuster passed up the chance to acquire Netflix for $50 million.

Netflix’s IPO was made on May 29th in 2002 at just $15 per share.

In 2003 The company’s following really started to grow as they reached 1 million subscribers.

In 2007 the Netflix we know today was born with the launching of Netflix’s online streaming service, which let customers instantly download/stream movies and TV shows from the comfort of their own homes. For the majority of existing subscribers, the new online streaming function was offered on an unlimited basis at no additional cost.

In 2010 began offering a revolutionary streaming-only service (without the need for DVDs). This service quickly spread internationally, first to Canada in the same year of its launch but then expanded to the UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia in 2012.

From there, it expanded further, and by 2016, Netflix’s streaming service was available in over 190 countries. As a result, Netflix is now effectively available worldwide, with the only exceptions being areas subject to US sanctions such as Crimea and North Korea.

Beginning in 2013 with the hit TV show House Of Cards, the company offered content produced specifically for Netflix.

By the end of 2018, Netflix had over 1,000 original titles in its repertoire, with notable mentions including Stranger things, You, Black Mirror, and 13 reasons why. In 2016 Netflix also began supporting originals aimed at children, such as Gabby’s Dollshouse, Inspector Gadget, and Johnny Test.

Several Netflix titles have won awards, such as Roma (3 Academy Awards, including best foreign film), The Crown (Best Drama Series 2020), and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (Outstanding interactive program at the Emmy’s in 2018).

Today, Netflix is a corporate giant estimated to be worth billions of dollars with a share price of $655 each. This is a far cry from the company that blockbuster rejected!

Other Netflix Trademarks

Netflix is always seeking to diversify and has expanded more than tenfold since its inception at the turn of the century; we’ll take a look at Netflix’s most significant trademarks. Of course, Netflix has many service marks though you’ll be surprised to know that they don’t own the use of the phrase “Netflix and Chill” despite its popular association.

The Netflix Logo

Netflix’s use of the stylized red “N” as its logo began in 2017 when they registered it with the trademark office; 2017-08-22 is the exact registration date.

Netflix Recommended TV

The purpose of the Netflix recommended TV program is to assist you in identifying which TV you should purchase.

The Netflix Recommended TV program helps you identify which TVs deliver a better experience for Netflix and other applications by testing features such as performance, functionality, and ease of use. As a result, the program promises to bring users a faster, easier, and better viewing experience from beginning to end.

The brand’s first use of this name was in 2015, and it was officially registered with the USPTO in 2017.

Netflix Store

With Netflix always seeking to diversify, it is perhaps no surprise that they recently launched an online store. The Netflix store is an online store that sells merchandise inspired by some shows like Stranger Things, Squid game, and Bridgerton, in addition to small home furnishings, decorations, and figurines.

When discussing the new launch, Vice President Josh Simon said this, “We’re always looking at how we can extend the world of our stories for fans, from apparel and toys to immersive events and games,” said Simon “We’re thrilled to give fans a new way to connect with their favorite stories, and to introduce them to the next wave of artists and designers who embrace the power of storytelling in all its forms.”

Though it was launched very recently in 2021, this exciting innovation had clearly been in the pipeline for quite some time, with related trademarks (including trademarking the Netflix name for use on clothing and accessories) dating back to 2017.

Netflix Geeked

Before its first-ever Geeked week, Netflix Geeked was registered as a trademark in 2021; a Geeked week is a virtual fan-facing event that reveals first looks and celebrates all things Genre entertainment at Netflix. The event was live/real-time, but there was a catch-up available.

It was a free 5-day virtual event in June 2021 across all Netflix platforms and gave customers access to a wide array of exclusive news, new trailers, celebrity appearances, and more.

Netflix Chilleez

Netflix has even branched into soft toys, having launched Chilleez in its online store, a new addition. Chilleez is a Netflix Trademark with a registration date of 2021-09-02.

These are plush toys that are characters based on your default profile icon. These 12-inch plushies are available in multiple colors and were available on the Netflix store for $24.99.

Wrapping up

Trademark law provides brand pioneers with the means to protect their intellectual property, making them a crucial area of consideration if you hope to impact the corporate world.

Without proper registration, you have no recourse in cases of digital theft that may amount to trademark infringement. This is why you should always protect your trademark rights by filing the appropriate applications to protect your branding.

Over the years, Netflix has become heavily associated with many popular slogans, sounds, and logos. There are over 200 live trademark filings with the USPTO for Netflix trademarks to protect these significant parts of its branding. Its first trademark application dates back to 2001 for the brand name Netflix.

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