The Trademark

Vitabox is a popular online retail store that offers a comprehensive selection of thousands of products. These product lines include nutritional supplements, personal care items, cosmetics, vitamins, oils, and other everyday products that promise to improve your health.

In addition to this, they offer speedy delivery, which is free for many customers. The company only ships to the United States; however, there are some plans to expand internationally, too. There has been speculation that they will grow into Canada first and potentially Europe after that.

The domain

The domain was registered in May 2002 and will expire in May of 2024 unless renewed before this.

The trademark is owned by Wilbur Labs LLC and was filed in November of 2013 in the category “goods and services,” with a first use anywhere in April of the same year.

Vitabox Company History

Vitabox’s range is constantly expanding, with them recently even starting to offer adhesive-based rat traps; alongside beauty products and dietary supplements. It is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for all customer supplies, from pet care to dental care products.

Vitabox consistently grows in popularity and has brilliant reviews online, with an average rating of 5 stars on Trustpilot and similar ratings repeating across the internet. Their dietary supplements and women’s products are particularly well regarded in reviews, as is their free shipping for orders over $35. They have a stellar reputation.

Despite this, the company is surprisingly new, having launched in 2017.

Vitabox is a subsidiary of the also-new Wilbur labs. Wilbur Labs LLC is a startup studio that turns bold ideas into market-leading companies by identifying customer pain points and building companies that alleviate them.

Their main priority is building new startup companies. However, investment and acquisition have also played a role in business operations too. Usually, a startup is a one-time event, but some companies specialize in them. Since their inception in 2016, Wilbur Labs have expanded prolifically by building and investing in 15 different companies – including Vitabox.

Wilbur Labs LLC is the brainchild of Ex-Google veterans David Kolodny and Phil Santoro.

Before building Wilbur Labs, Phil was a Growth Strategist at Google and Founder of FreeForums, a service allowing anyone to create a free forum. FreeForums became one of the top online destinations in 2007 and was acquired in 2010.

Before building Wilbur Labs, David was a Product Specialist on the Customer Solutions & Innovations team at Google, which shapes advertising product roadmaps and designs go-to-market strategies. David was also named on the 30 under 30 list for Consumer Technology in Forbes 2020 list.

Other Domains

Wilbur Labs is a startup studio and owns several companies alongside Vitabox, having launched several companies and acquired others. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular domains that Wilbur Labs have and, where relevant, their trademark details.

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Local entrepreneurs and dog lovers founded Barkbus to provide a convenient, forward-thinking service that allowed for stress-free and contact-free dog grooming. It is one of the first services of its type and lets skilled groomers and dog lovers come together to ensure affordable, convenient care for pets. Groomers with years of professional grooming experience service their clients by completing grooming for their dogs in a state-of-the-art grooming van. All breeds and sizes are catered to.

Their goal is “to end traumatic trips to the salon and provide a superior mobile grooming experience.” All while using technology to provide a seamless, world-class service. Since the mobile grooming vans park outside customers’ residences, owners can easily check on their pets. Barkbus commit to never using cages for the animals they groom. Service is provided on a 1-1 basis, which means that each dog has the groomers’ undivided attention and doesn’t need to contact other dogs.

There is a clear commitment to eliminating the need for dogs to come into contact with each other, lowering the risk of the typical confusing sights, smells, and sounds that dogs usually associate with a grooming session.

Barkbus was officially launched in 2017, though the domain was registered in 2014 and will expire in 2028 unless renewed before then.

The trademark registration took place in 2020, the same year that Wilbur Labs acquired Barkbus for a 7 figure sum.

Vacation renter was the second company launched by Wilbur Labs LLC. Vacation Renter is an easy-to-use short-term rental booking site that compiles together all rentals offered by market-leaders such as This allows customers to quickly and easily compare their options and get the best price possible for their vacation!

VacationRenter removes the time and effort you would expend searching for a resort, hotel, cabin, bed-and-breakfast, or another vacation rental by pulling the best available options from top rental services. In February, the service soft-launched in select test markets already has an annual run rate of $100 million in the yearly gross booking value. Vacation Renters intend to simplify the searching and booking process, negating the need to trawl through endless search results and listings before booking your perfect vacation.’s domain was first registered in 2003, though they didn’t register the trademark until 2017. The domain will expire in 2025 unless it is renewed before that.

Joblist follows a similar concept to vacation renter – all of the results from the leading job boards are compiled together in one place. Joblist uses advanced automation and matching technology to help customers find the right jobs for them, with Skylar Williamson (Chief Product Officer at Joblist) saying the following:

“A job search should be more personal and collaborative — it should feel more like real life where the people who know you best can help you find the right opportunities that fit your individual needs. We see a future where people can seamlessly leverage their network when they need it the most. Work is collaborative — the job search process should be, too.”

Joblist was launched in 2019 with an initial investment from Wilbur Labs that totaled $4 million and has already helped thousands of people who’ve been hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is what Kevin Harrington, CEO of Joblist, had to say about it in 2020. “It takes Americans more than nine weeks on average to find a new job, in large part due to an inefficient and isolating search experience. Joblist offers a better alternative by personalizing results and allowing you to work with others to find the right jobs for you quickly. If we can help people cut a week or even a day off of their search, we can have a real impact, especially right now.”

The domain was first registered in 1998 and will expire in 2025 unless renewed before this.

Wrapping Up

Vitabox is a growing online store that will undoubtedly continue to go from strength to strength, and Wilbur Labs LLC owns an array of different businesses and associated trademarks. When you own so many companies, legal protections are essential. You can’t protect what isn’t legally yours, after all.

Copyright law gives trademark owners a vital framework to work within to protect their intellectual property, with lawsuits if necessary. Still, you can only benefit from these essential legal protections by registering trademarks for your brand or business.

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