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Metallica is a US-based heavy metal band formed in 1981 by Los Angeles-based vocalist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. They’ve been based in San Francisco since. The band is known for having aggressive instrumentals and fast tempos. Metallica became one of the core big four bands of the thrash metal genre, alongside Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth. Metallica consists of Hetfield and Ulrich alongside lead guitarist Kirk Hamett and Robert Trujillo (bassist).

Famous ex-members include guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist guitarists Ron McGovney, Jason Newsted, and Cliff Burton.

Metallica first shot to fame as a rock band in 1986 with their third album, Master Of Puppets, cited as one of the best metal albums of all time. Most fans credit this with the band’s best work. Their next album, And Justice for All (1988), gave them their first Grammy Award Nomination.

In 1991 they released their self-titled album, Metallica. It appealed to a mainstream audience and attained commercial success with 16+ million sales in the USA. This album is commonly known as the ‘black album’.

After experimenting for a time, Metallica returned to its original thrash metal sound while releasing its ninth album, Death Magnetic, in 2008. The most recent album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct (2016) attained similar compliments.

In 2000, Metallica sued Napster for sharing copyrighted material without consent, settling eventually. Metallica was the subject of a documentary in 2004, documenting the troubles producing the eighth album, St Anger (2003). In 2009, Metallica was officially granted a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The band starred in the 2013 concert film Metallica: Through the Never.

Metallica released ten studio albums, four live albums, a cover album, twelve video albums, two extended plays, 39 music videos, and 37 singles, including big names like Enter Sandman. They’ve won nine Grammy’s out of 23 nominations.

Six of Metallica’s studio albums consecutively debuted at number one on the Billboards. They rank as one of the highest-grossing bands of all time, with over 125 million sold worldwide in 2018. Several magazines, including Rolling Stone, have classified them as the greatest artists.

Famous Metallica trademarks

You should register your intellectual property with the USPTO in the form of trademarks. Trademarks allow you to protect your intellectual property, and when you’ve amassed a portfolio of hit records, it’s easy to see how you can amass intellectual property too. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous trademarks registered by Metallica.


One of the most significant trademarks on this list is the band name – ‘Metallica’. It was officially registered in 1994, following its first use in 1982. This trademark forms a cornerstone of the Metallica brand and is registered for use in:

  • Entertainment services, specifically live music performances
  • T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, bandanas, and other clothing
  • Posters and tour books related to performances
  • Pre-recorded video and cassette tapes
  • Songbooks, sheet music, and printed publications
  • Jewelry
  • Handbags, backpacks, and wallets
  • Board games and puzzles
  • Guitar picks and drumsticks
  • Action figures
  • Radio broadcasts
  • Floor mats and license plates

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Metallica logo

Metallica’s trademark logo consists of ‘Metallica’ written in a stylized font, with the ‘M’ and ‘A’ reaching down to the sides of the design. In the most basic form, it was trademarked in 1983 though several similar trademarks have been filed since. The logo is trademarked for use in:

  • Goods and services including cassette tapes and recorded videos
  • Entertainment services such as live music performances
  • Posters, calendars, and decals
  • Songbooks and printed matter
  • Providing websites featuring information related to live performances
  • Baseball caps, hoodies, branded T-shirts, and other clothing
  • Tour books related to musical performances

The Metallica Club

‘The Metallica Club’ is the official name of Metallica’s fan club; following its first use in 1993, the name was trademarked in 2002 for use in the following categories:

  • Online ordering related to licensed merchandise
  • Fan club services

Metallica logo (2003)

The updated Metallica logo, first seen in 2003, consists of a similar stylized font to the original, with the ‘M’ and second ‘A’ tips curling underneath the word Metallica. It was registered in the following categories:

  • Musical sound recordings, including prerecorded compact discs
  • Entertainment services, including live musical performances
  • Clothing and merchandise

Metallica logo (2016)

The newest Metallica logo was first seen in 2016 and officially trademarked in 2019. Their latest album featured the new logo prominently.

It was registered for use in:

  • Video and audio recordings, including music and musical performances
  • Decorative novelty magnets
  • Posters, calendars, and decals
  • Musical sound recordings
  • Boxsets for prerecorded CDs
  • DVDs and CDs
  • Electronic publications and magazines related to entertainment content
  • Record player turntable accessories
  • Gift cards and related services
  • Art books and prints
  • T-shirts, hoodies, bibs, onesies, and other clothing
  • Entertainment services related to live performances
  • Personal appearances by musicians
  • Fan club and contest services

Hit Em All

Hit Em All is a slogan based on Metallica’s song Kill Em All. Hit Em All is often seen on merchandise. The slogan is often used on Metallica merchandise. It was registered for use in 2014 and applies to:

  • Sweatshirts, T-shirts, headwear, and other clothing


‘Blackened’ is the name of one of Metallica’s hit songs – it was first performed live in 1988 and has been remastered several times. Metallica also launched ‘Blackened Recordings’. It’s also a registered trademark; the trademark filing was submitted in 2012. It’s registered for use in:

  • Audiovisual recordings related to music production
  • Record production services

Blackened Recordings

Further to ‘Blackened’, Metallica trademarked ‘Blackened Recordings’ in 2015 for use in:

  • Entertainment services in the nature of providing information regarding musical groups, musicians, musical sound recordings, music videos, and music via a website; fan club services
  • Recording production services

Fifth Member

Metallica submitted a trademark application for ‘Fifth Member’ in 2016, and the trademark filing was approved in 2019 for use in the following categories:

  • Metal key rings
  • Blank journals and stencils
  • Beverageware such as novel bottle openers
  • Bandanas, T-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing
  • Ornamental belt patches and buckles
  • Entertainment services related to non-downloadable music
  • Personal appearances by musicians or celebrities
  • Blogs for discussing music and musicians

Mandatory Metallica

‘Mandatory Metallica’ is a radio channel on Sirius XM dedicated to Metallica. It has become an annual event, with thousands of fans showing their support for Metallica. Metallica first submitted this trademark for registration in 2002, following its first use in 1991. It’s registered in the following category:

  • Radio programming services


‘Maytallica’ is the name of a large radio-based event supporting Metallica, it was first seen in 1999, and the trademark registration took place in 2004. It’s registered in:

  • Radio programming services

Wrapping up

If you want to protect your intellectual property, you should complete your trademark registration. Registering your trademark will give you legal rights to protect it. Metallica is one of the biggest names in thrash metal, it‘s no surprise they‘re a prolific trademark owner, with more than 50 trademarks, and billion-dollar net worth. Being at the center of trademark disputes has no doubt taught them the importance of correct registration.

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