6 Steps to Trademark a Clothing Name, Logo or Slogan

Having issues getting your logo trademark? If you’re developing a clothing line, you probably have a distinctive name, logo or slogan that you will want on your apparel. Trademarking your name, logo or slogan will prevent others from infringing on your rights. Though the process can seem daunting, it’s probably much easier than you think. … [Read More]

8 Tips to Monetize (and Protect) Your Intellectual Property

Until recently, companies primarily used intellectual property (IP)—-trademarks, copyright, patents, and other types of intangible assets protected by law—-defensively and followed the traditional sequence of inventing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling an invention. Also known as the “transactional approach,” this model characterized IP as a bargain: businesses conceded the public’s eventual unencumbered right to produce … [Read More]

Trademark Registration: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Protecting intellectual property and trademark registration is a major concern for entrepreneurs. Competition is stiff in nearly any market, and it takes only a few smart moves for slick competitors to steal a good idea and establish it as their own. Trademarks are one way for entrepreneurs to distinguish their products and establish a loyal … [Read More]

What Trademarks Mean for the Global Tourism Industry

Global tourism as an industry has always been closely interconnected with brand identity and, thus, trademarks. Using a combination of logos, iconic imagery, slogans, and consistent messaging, today’s global hotspots set themselves apart from the pack by constructing a coherent identity to drive visitors’ experiences. When you think of Orlando, Florida, what pops into your head? Probably … [Read More]

6 Key Takeaways from Tesla’s Trademark Infringement Battle in China

By now, you may have heard of the term “patent troll.” It’s a phrase that makes the skin crawl collectively among Silicon Valley CEOs. The moniker represents those who may knowingly register patents on existing, branded products or processes, and lay in wait until the unsuspecting company infringes the registrant’s rights. In many cases, it’s … [Read More]

Periodic Table of Famous Trademarks

Just how many registered trademarks are there in the United States? According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), there are more than 600,000 — and that’s as of 2012. With tens of thousands of trademark applications between then and now, the number could reach as high as 700,000 in 2014. We could spend time … [Read More]

How To Register A Trademark in 4 Easy Steps

How To Register A Trademark in 4 Easy Steps If you want to protect your company’s brand and identity, trademark registration is essential. Many companies put off filing an application, because they think the process is too complex, or even unnecessary. It might be an involved process, but it can be broken down into four … [Read More]

How To Establish a Trademark: Common Law Trademark Rights

If you run a business but haven’t gotten around to filing a federal trademark application, you may not have to worry about someone stealing your mark. Even if you never file that application, you may still have trademark rights. A cross-town competitor likely can’t just start using your mark without consequence. (A cross-country competitor might, … [Read More]

What are Trademark Licensing Agreements, and Who Benefits from Them?

Imagine you own a t-shirt manufacturing company called Bob’s Snazzy Shirts. You’ve worked hard to make Bob’s the region’s leading producer of t-shirts. After years of slow growth, you’re finally ready to make your company a national contender. You just need that one special shirt design to take you there. One night you go to … [Read More]

How To Conduct a Trademark Search

It happens so often. A client will come to me with a name ready for a trademark application. “Can you help me file this?” they ask. Of course I can. But there’s always a question I have to ask first. “Have you searched to make sure that this mark isn’t confusingly similar to an existing … [Read More]

MLB Cites Trademark Rights in Removing Podcasts from iTunes

Hardcore baseball fans were aghast last week when they learned that some of their favorite podcasts had been removed from iTunes, without notice. NBC Sports blogger Aaron Gleeman broke the news on Twitter, saying that “MLB requested several team-related podcasts be removed.” Why would Major League Baseball want to remove a source of free marketing? … [Read More]

Common Misconceptions About Trademarking a Name

When it comes to trademarking a name, the only stupid questions are the ones that you don’t ask. Unfortunately, this is something far too few business owners are willing to acknowledge. Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs try to navigate the trademarking process using only their intuition and every year just as many entrepreneurs have their … [Read More]

Trademark Disputes: Brooklyn Nets

A sports team effectively cannot function without trademark rights to its name. Without a federal trademark registration, teams would find it much more difficult to fight infringement cases, particularly from imported goods. The result could be reduced revenue from branded merchandise. This is why the case of the Washington Redskins trademark is so compelling. Owner … [Read More]

Do I Need to Trademark My Business Name?

All businesses benefit from trademark registration. However, does it follow that all businesses should trademark their names? In many instances yes, companies should trademark their names as it provides additional protection at the federal level. But it is not necessarily the top priority for certain types of businesses. So do you need to trademark your … [Read More]

Guide To Winning Trademark Litigation Infographic

Trademark litigation is rarely pleasant. Yet it is becoming an increasingly frequent fact of business life. Trademark applications spiked in the mid-00s, and the trend doesn’t appear to be going away. More trademark applications means more chances to get caught in trademark litigation. Once you put your brand on a product or service, you enter … [Read More]