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Urban Outfitters, Inc is an international retail corporation based in Philadelphia, PA. Urban Outfitters specializes in clothing, apparel, and home products; it mainly targets young adults and teens interested in alternative and hipster fashion. They operate in the UAE, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, France, Denmark, Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and the USA.

In the 70s, Dick Hayne opened a store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, called “Free People.” When he expanded the store from one to two, he changed the name to Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters received the National Preservation Honor Award for the Urban Outfitters Corporate Office in Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. The National Trust gave the Award for Historic Preservation.

In 2011, it began selling limited editions of Polaroid instant cameras and typed 779 instant films. In 2013 they hired Abraham & Roetzel (led by Spencer Abraham, Republican Senator) to advocate for its interests in Washington DC.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, the company announced a future acquisition of the Vetri Family (a Philadelphia restaurant chain). Including Amis Trattoria, Pizzeria Vetri and Bar Ami.

Urban Outfitters products have been subject to controversy from religious, ethnic, and ethical pressure groups, including The Navajo Nation, the Anti-Defamation League, and others.

The brand targets young adults and sells men’s and women’s fashion apparel, footwear, beauty products, accessories, gear, and activewear. They design much of their merchandise via the company’s wholesale division.

Famous Urban Outfitters trademarks

Urban Outfitters is a popular household name, representing one of the best lifestyle retailers. Let’s look at some of the most famous trademarks registered under Urban Outfitters Wholesale, Inc.

Urban Outfitters

One of the first trademark filings was for “Urban Outfitters”, the company name. Following its first use in 1976, the wordmark was registered for:

  • Retail department store services
  • Soaps, perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions, and accessories are cleaners for cosmetic brushes
  • Candles
  • Precious metals, including keys, keychains, jewelry, and other small accessories
  • Handbags, all-purpose carrying bags, tote bags, travel bags, shoulder bags, clutch purses, all-purpose athletic bags, backpacks, wallets, coin purses, and leather goods
  • Furniture and related parts
  • Household utensils, namely, serving spoons, serving forks, graters, strainers, spatulas, skimmers, and sieves; hand-operated apparatus for household and kitchen use, namely, coffee grinders, non-electric French presses, non-electric juicers, and pepper mills; cutting board and containers for household and kitchen use; beverage glassware; dishes; drinking cups and mugs; electric face cleansing brushes, cosmetic brushes, hair brushes
  • Articles of clothing for men and women, namely, tops, blouses, shirts, sweaters, blazers, jackets, vests, skirts, jeans, pants, shorts, dresses, suits, coats, sleepwear, socks, hosiery, swimwear, tights, headwear, and footwear
  • Carpets, rugs, mats, bathroom mats, yoga mats, floor mats, pet feeding mats, and door mats; decorative wall hangings not of textile
  • Retail store services in the fields of clothing, footwear, headgear, home decor, home goods, furniture, handbags, rugs, and gifts; online retail store services in the fields of clothing, footwear, headgear, home decor, home goods, furniture, handbags, rugs, and gifts

Free People

The Free People store name was changed within a few years of opening, but the trademark registration was submitted in 1991, then later expanded for several purposes, including:

  • Men’s, women and children’s clothing, including pants, shirts, and jackets
  • Retail apparel stores
  • Soaps, perfumes, essential oils, hair lotions, and cosmetics
  • Precious metals
  • Jewelry for use in hair and other accessories
  • Candles
  • Handbags and all-purpose carrying bags
  • Mirrors
  • Hand-operated apparatus for household use, particularly kitchen appliances
  • Articles of clothing for women, including blouses, shirts, and sweaters
  • Mats include floor mats, rugs, doormats, and yoga mats
  • Retail store services related to home decor & goods, handbags, and gifts
  • Downloadable virtual goods, namely, computer programs featuring clothing, footwear, headwear, eyewear, home decor, general housewares, furniture, cosmetics, cosmetics and personal care items, clothing and hair accessories, jewelry, handbags, sports bags, backpacks, electronics, rugs, and gifts consisting of the goods above for use online and in online virtual worlds
  • Retail store services related to clothing, headwear, home decor, cosmetics, personal care items, and other goods
  • Entertainment services, namely, providing online, non-downloadable virtual clothing, footwear, headwear, eyewear, home decor, general housewares, furniture, textiles, cosmetics, cosmetics and personal care items, clothing and hair accessories, jewelry, handbags, sports bags, backpacks, electronics, rugs and gifts consisting of the goods as mentioned earlier for use in virtual environments


Anthropologie is one of Urban Outfitters’ most popular brands; the trademark was first registered in 1992 and has been expanded several times. The trademark includes:

  • Carpets, rugs, namely, floor rugs; mats, namely, bathroom mats, yoga mats, floor mats, pet feeding mats, and door mats; non-textile wall hangings
  • Home textiles, bedding, bed sheets, bedspreads, and related products
  • Mirrors, beds, desks, display cases, clothing hangers, drawer organizers, and other furniture and organizers
  • Photo albums, blank journals, banners, pencil cases, pens, erasers, stationery, desktop organizers, framed art, prints and posters, and books related to self-help, wellness, relationships, and astrology
  • Metal knobs
  • Electronic devices, including digital cameras, cellphones, and related accessories
  • Medicated soaps
  • Non-medicated soaps, skin care products including essential oils
  • Non-medicated skin preparations, masks, and peels
  • Hand cream
  • Hair care tools, including brushes and combs
  • Incense
  • Lip balm, glosses, and other lip care products
  • Toners and facial oils
  • Makeup, including blush, concealer, primers, and foundation


Urban Outfitters trademarked the “URBN” abbreviation in 2016 following its first use in 2006. It’s trademarked for use in:

  • Retail department store services and online retail store services, featuring men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and accessories, housewares, furnishings, novelty items, and general consumer merchandise
  • Restaurant services, providing food and drink

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UO Home

UO Home is one of the most significant Urban Outfitters home ranges, offering a variety of goods and services. Following its first use in 2016, the trademark was registered in the following categories:

  • Incense; reeds and scented oils sold as a unit for use in room scent diffusers; non-electric air diffusers comprised of a wick in a container used to emit scent when lit, sold with scented oil
  • Candles
  • Tableware, including knives, forks, and spoons
  • Lighting fixtures, including lamps, flameless candles, and more
  • Kitchen appliances such as coffee makers and waffle makers
  • Jewelry cases, jewelry boxes, jewelry dishes, clocks, and wall clocks
  • Photo albums, blank journals, paper banners, pencil cases, pencils, pens, desktop organizers, cardboard coasters, paper napkins, paper tablecloths, framed art, framed prints, prints
  • Beds, desks, tables, chairs, shelving, furniture, bathroom vanities, drawer organizers, hangers, knobs, non-metal hooks, curtain rods, vinyl banners, plastic banners, non-metal and non-leather key chains, picture frames, non-metal bottle stoppers, display cases, mirrors, pillows, sleeping bags, window shades, dreamcatchers
  • Clothes drying racks, laundry baskets, waste baskets, plastic storage containers for household use, trash cans, dishes, glasses, soap dishes, cocktail shakers, drinking straws, glass stoppers, ice cube trays, leather coasters, plastic coasters, cups, bowls, tableware, namely, scoops, cutting boards, dish drying racks, plastic storage containers for household use, oven mitts, non-electric French press, non-electric teapots, countertop holders for paper towels, planters for flowers and plants, laundry hampers for domestic or household use
  • Laundry bags
  • Bedding, namely, bedsheets and bedspreads; towels, textiles for the home, namely, tablecloths not of paper, comforters, duvet covers, quilts, shams, pillowcases, fitted bed sheets, throws, tapestries of textile, shower curtains, fabric valance, fabric drapery, textile wall hangings
  • Rugs, floor coverings, bath mats, and decorative wall hangings are not textiles
  • Card games, board games, swimming aids, namely, pool rings, arm floats for recreational use, inflatable inner tubes for aquatic recreational use, swimming jackets, swimming flippers, swimming floats, swimming kickboards, and other games and toys

Wrapping up

Trademark and copyright infringement can cost you millions of dollars. Registering your intellectual property with the USPTO protects you in the case of trademark infringement. Urban Outfitters values trademark protections as they have around 150 registered trademarks. Urban Outfitters has a net worth of 1.7 billion dollars as of 2022.

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