Yes, you can trademark a political slogan.

You can trademark a political slogan provided that you use that slogan to promote or sell your products or services. If you would like to prevent a competitor or another political candidate from using a similar logo or slogan, you can trademark them. The Obama campaign registered a number of trademarks for the 2008 election, stating that they were for “Political campaign services, namely, fundraising in the field of politics.” This is a common practice, and the Trademark Office will register trademarks listed as such.

If you are attempting to trademark a political slogan that consists of a particular living individual’s name, you will have to ensure you have that individual’s written consent. Political slogans are subject to the same requirements by the Trademark Office that would be applied to any other trademark.

If there is a political slogan that you are considering using as a trademark, contact us today for guidance from a licensed trademark attorney.

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