Yes, you can trademark a word on a t-shirt.

You can trademark a word on a t-shirt so long as the word is used to brand your t-shirts. For example, the word “NIKE” is a registered trademark for a line of clothing produced by Nike, Inc. In this case the word “NIKE” is used as either the brand name or the logo, depending on what shape the words take and how stylized they appear.

You should be aware that the United States Patent and Trademark Office will not approve a trademark that they deem too generic, nor will they approve a trademark that is too similar to an existing trademark. If you are not certain that your desired trademark is distinct enough for the USPTO, it is advisable to contact a trademark attorney and seek their advice.

Before you trademark a word on a t-shirt, you should have our associates run a trademark search to make certain there are no current trademarks too similar to the one that you wish to register.

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