Trademarking sheet music

No, you cannot trademark sheet music.

Trademarks protect the materials used to promote or sell goods and services. Sheet music is not considered a product, but rather the contents of a product; a suitable comparison would be to the contents of a novel. If you were to create a brand under which you sold a collection of sheet music, you could trademark the name, logo, or slogan of the company. For the actual sheet music, you want to look into copyrights.

If you create a name, logo or slogan for the purposes of selling musical compositions, the trademark would protect the name, logo or slogan, but not the contents of the book. The protected name, logo, or slogan would serve to differentiate your company from any and all competitors so long as it was distinct and specifically associated with your organization.

Trademark, or Copyright?

ItemTrademark or Copyright?
Business NameTrademark
Business SloganTrademark
Business LogoCan be both
Song LyricsCopyright

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