Trademarking a sound

Yes, you can trademark sound.

You can trademark a sound so long as you use the sound to identify your products and services to the general public. The NBC chimes are the most famous example of a sound trademark. Many companies utilize jingles and brand music to identify their products on television, and these trademarks are becoming more commonplace despite the difficult road to securing them. In early 2000, Harley Davidson gave up on a costly trademark application that aimed to register the rumble of their engine; they were attempting to demonstrate that the noise was distinct enough when their legal team decided to retract the application.

Securing a trademark for a sound requires that you have a sound that is unique and distinct enough to be easily recognisable by a plethora of people who possess a variety of hearing levels. The United States Patent and Trademark Office is much more likely to approve an audio trademark that can be represented in musical annotation.

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