Can you trademark a design?

Yes, you can trademark a design as long as it's used in the promotion of you business. For example, you can trademark logos, product packaging, and color schemes.

This information was provided by our founding attorney, Xavier Morales, Esq. 

To market your brand with the best possible legal support, you would be smart to register trademarks for the designs you will utilize in your marketing campaigns. Trademarks for designs are essentially the safety nets for your intellectual property, shielding your branded images from theft and misappropriation by your competitors.

Designs That You Can Trademark

There are several types of designs that can be trademarked. To successfully register such a trademark, the design you submit must be applied to the promotion of your business and the development of brand awareness. For instance, you cannot trademark photos in a gallery of products or merchandise. You can, however, trademark items like...

The Process for Trademarking a Design

Xavier Morales, Esq.

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Xavier Morales, Esq.

Mr. Morales founded his trademark law practice in January 2007 with the goal of providing intellectual property expertise to entrepreneurs and businesses around the country. Since then, he has filed more than 6,000 trademarks with the USPTO. You can learn more about Xavier here.

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