The simple answer is: yes, you can trademark a business or company name, but keep in mind that establishing a business can require quite a good deal of legal attention. One of your first actions as a new business owner is to register a trademark for the name of your company. A trademark for a business or company name can be a legally precarious thing to go without, as you would be defenseless in the case of intellectual property theft.

To trademark your business name, you will need to consult a trademark attorney who will conduct a trademark availability assessment with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This assessment searches for existing trademarks that are similar or identical to the name you want to register. If the trademark for your company name is already taken, you may not be able to register yours as it would impose upon someone else’s trademark rights. However, if your company name receives clearance, it’s in your company’s best interest to proceed with trademarking it.

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